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the undercover story of a success

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
Marks & Spencer estimates that almost everyone will wear a pair of shorts at some point in their lives.
Three or five people wearing clothes
The public buys scants at M & S, and tourists and foreign tourists use the underwear department as part of their itinerary.
This is not surprising.
No one else in the world offers an absolute choice.
From sports bra to honeymoon pajamas
Or the quality and cost performance guaranteed by M & S.
This is what makes St. Michael\'s costume unique.
Customers know that they can rely on brand names to provide honest clothing, which will never make them look ridiculous.
Behind the scenes on Baker Street, on the floor of shops all over the country, the gear supplied by the cotton polo shirt, which maintains an endless 12-pound 16-color, is greased.
Supply is a direct response to consumer demand;
As people\'s lives become more leisure,
Marks & Spencer specializes in golf, cardio and tennis.
Michael House\'s customer relations department receives more than 2,000 letters a week.
People write letters to thank the company and tell them about the history of a certain piece of clothing they might have bought 20 years ago, and sometimes complain.
Complaints are taken seriously and often handed over to on-
On-site garment technicians will test, test and test again the fabric structure and seam strength.
Every dress should do its best to show it, which means it has to go beyond the wearer --
Trial team members who will wear and wash a given item and fill out a detailed questionnaire.
There are also teams of buyers who work with suppliers and professional fashion consultants, including Paul Smith in the men\'s clothing industry, Betty Jackson, a key consultant in the women\'s clothing industry, in addition to a designer like Tanya Sarne of Ghost, he also consulted the coat Viyella, which in turn serves M & S
Each procurement department consists of a selection team with advanced selector and range selector.
There will be a range selector in the knitwear department, and its sole purpose is to select the cardigan.
The designer also accused the company of stealing ideas and fabrics (
Mauri & Alison and Bruce a Bruce both tried to take legal action against M & S)
But the strength and influence of the company is so great that there is little benefit to this action.
Although the company relies on classics to attract more people, it is also savvy to admit to being more fashionable --
Conscious consumers.
So this summer there are hipsters in the store, except straight-
Casual pants with legs, as well as a range of polyester Shandong shirts that are the best choice in fashion magazines (including fashion.
This new idea is often more competitive than similar products on the commercial street, which helps to prevent the M & S clothing series from becoming too flat.
However, they will never be too extreme because they are afraid to scare anyone away.
Before a new dress enters the store, it will first try it out on the model at the home of St. Michael
A perfect team from 8 to 20, male or female.
If you want to have universal appeal, you must of course make sure that the stock is suitable for a different range.
The secret to Marks\'s success lies in packaging new styles and fabric innovations into a collection of clothing that men, women and children on the street don\'t have a hard time understanding or wearing.
When Leca was introduced to M & S in her 80 S, it was tested on women\'s underwear and changed in terms of fit and comfort.
It was then applied to men\'s underwear and now educated women in its miracle bought underwear for their partner.
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