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the unmistakable rustle of luxury

by:QiMeng     2019-09-18
Cathy holinsup
I was going to do my hair 2006 five years ago.
Today is my birthday. it\'s a blue one.
On the morning of the sky, I was treating myself.
When I entered the salon on East 43 Street, the first plane had already hit.
By the time I left, the tower had collapsed and a cloud of ash had risen over lower Manhattan.
At the corner of Americas Avenue and 42 th Street, I met some buyers from Saks.
Fashion shows have been canceled and, in fact, the season is over for some struggling designers.
Since then, I have been surprised by how fast the fashion industry is recovering, although I should not.
Fashion exists for change, and anyone who does not follow the word \"carpe diem\" will be out of date in all respects.
Still, with another season coming, I was surprised by the direction of the change.
Everyone seems to have been trained in luxury, luxury look and luxury concept, and if it\'s not the business they run, they are, like Diane von Furstenberg and Tracy Reese, they were busy upgrading on Sunday.
Young and sexy, but in Ms.
Von Furstenberg\'s show, when clothes seem to reach the grandeur of Oscar de la lunta, despite a smile on the audience\'s face, I\'m not sure if I\'ll play Royal Parade music for her
The runway that von Furstenberg had to take was the joke he wanted to make.
Not every designer sees fashion as a series of golden stepping stones, but many people see fashion as great.
It has a narrow view not only of the lives and interests of women, but also of the city itself.
It is undeniable that women like to shop and dress up and feel beautiful, but look at the lack of a rich female personality on the runway --
Knowledge, art, boho, sports
All they can do is imagine.
The result of this is to make New York, the most international city, a provincial city.
Designer Brian Bradley, who advertised at least Tuleh, tried to inject unusual wisdom into his collection, which was released on Sunday.
Continued the style of the black film last season.
Bradley offers a nice custom shirt with wide trousers and set with spread or fluffy sleeves, linen and bias --
Cropped plaid, with a long belt jacket, looks handsome and relaxed.
One of his most strange and attractive shapes is a slender navy wool coat with dense flowers on it;
They are almost abstract.
Although the tailor seemed to attract Mr.
Bradley is more than a decoration. the-
The highest number of concerns in Shanghai.
For fun, he made a shoulder-less evening dress with the nylon shower curtain painted by artist Lisa Yuskavage. Advertising Lady
Von Furstenberg shows the elegant plaid mini skirt and the loose girly top.
The band\'s waist dress is a fresh choice for minimalist summer dresses, which seems better for many women than another cute dress --pie tent dress.
Prints are abstract and bold, with hot pink pictures, and while the early Yves Saint Laurent had some hints in color and tone, MS
Von Furstenberg managed to make them look fresh.
After starting her performance with a vibrant pair of tango dancers, Ms.
Reese has introduced a polished sportswear, and the luxury effect is quite good.
There are charming skirts on abstract handprints, a chocolate brown cotton lace coat on comfortable leather pants, and some sexy-looking silk print dresses. Ms.
Reese believes in making happy women\'s clothing, but some of the natural charm will disappear during the upgrade.
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Lela Rose captures the elegant volume without exaggeration, showing the white and pale mini dress and teacup skirt.
Popular lantern sleeve shirts this season. Mr.
The reason delalanta can have a luxury view is simply because he has never deviated from the luxury view.
However, in a strong blow
Sir, the parade collection on Monday
De la Renta did something smart: he put models in flat shoes, made their hair messy foam, focused on relatively soft, simple shapes, and made clothes
The story of the day is a short and elegant dress in poppy print, with some beautiful dresses in white cotton.
There are also slim skirts in rough tan linen and white shirts, and two more --
Printed dress in black and white.
A few tops and skirts were collected loosely at the back to get a more complex volume instead of stacking on beads and bows, Sir
De la Renta embroidered a chocolate-brown silk Post with cream chiffon or sewed the needle at the buttonhole of the navy wool jacket.
All of this adds brightness to the collection.
A long yellow dress with a black flower hem made a statement.
Delalanta can do it, but a normal V-
The neck dress of the navy silk jersey is a prominent one.
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