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‘there’s no cow-tipping in oklahoma city’: one mayor’s t-shirt takedown

by:QiMeng     2019-09-25
In the 10 months since the mayor of orrama, David Holt, took office, he supervised a $0. 8 billion street repair project and unveiled a new tram route,
But this week, he announced on social media that he has completed a \"personal mission\": ending the sale of T-at city airports-
A shirt that links Homer and cattletipping.
According to pictures shared by Holt on Thursday, the offending shirts said: \"There is nothing like a cow . \".
The back of the dress is printed with a silhouette of a cow, printed in the shape of Homer, and Holt says they are in a conspicuous display. Cow-
Tip is an activity that is often considered to involve drunken youth sneaking close to and dumping cows for entertainment, in the hometown of orrama, one of the largest livestock stocks in the United States, which seems to be
But Holt said it had nothing to do with the huge metropolis of the city of Russia.
The shirt \"is not like some items in the corner of the airport store.
Speaking in an interview, Holt said it\'s like our \"Welcome to the Thunder\" sign, adding that about 4 million passengers pass Will Rogers World Airport every year.
\"No cow --
Tips for the city of oclarah
\"Holt\'s priority is not the cow itself.
\"I would lie if I told you it was about animal welfare,\" he said . \".
\"This is not what I want.
Holt stressed that the city has airports and shops, which means he is against the movement of cows
Tipping garb doesn\'t mean reviewing \"some poor shopkeepers \".
He said many locals had long been unhappy with the shirt and some cheered on his statement on social media.
Others criticized it and thought Hall was better than managing souvenir slogans.
Holt, 39, is a lawyer who won his position with nearly 80% of the vote, and he disagrees.
\"I just gave the address of my city.
Up to 45 minutes without even mentioning cattle --
He said.
\"Even so, I was happy to cross it off the list.
\"Oakland is hardly the only state like this.
Shirts for sale-
Nor was it a place where an official fought against them.
Mayor of Dayton, Ohio, South Wyley, said on Twitter on Thursday that she had also expelled similar cattle --
Tip a shirt from the airport in her city.
But it\'s worth it, cow-
Tips may not happen in rural areas of okhara, Ohio, or any state that sells shirts.
This is because it is considered a bull market.
In 2005, zoologists at Columbia University in the UK did some mathematical research and concluded that it may take five or six people to exceed 1,500. pound bovine.
A biomechanics researcher at Duke University later wrote that it would take at least 10 people to tip, and maybe even 14 people.
In a dive of 2013 Deep cattle
\"Modern farmers\" magazine notes that there are no videos on YouTube that record the feat.
It quoted a dairy farmer who pointed out that the cows were not going to sleep standing and that they were very vigilant.
\"A group of strangers walking on them?
Said the farmer.
\"I don\'t think that\'s possible. ”With cow-
Holt says he wants the airport store to start stocking \"very cool, witty\" T-shirts
Promote the shirt of Thunder. (
The mayor likes to say, \"Wayne, the party is starting.
Gareth party is a recognition of Saturday Night Live\'s fame, but locally, it refers to country singer Gareth Brooks and burning lips singer Waynearea natives. )
\"We are not a city of white male ranchers, Brotherhood boys,\" Holt said of the city of orkama, where 60% of residents under the age of 18 are not white.
\"We are a city full of people who may believe in some kind of world religion like going to the tip of the cow.
In fact, it is more likely to do so.
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