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this couple tricked their families into attending their surprise wedding

by:QiMeng     2019-10-09
They thought they were going to the engagement party.
There are all kinds of ways to get married, but when many people still choose to go to the traditional (Read: expensive)
Route, others prefer to get married in a more unconventional way.
Melissa and Brandon Lawson are such a pair.
At the wedding on June 10, the toruntonians deceived their families into an engagement party at the Hot House cafe, but upon arrival, the guests were surprised by the ceremony instead.
\"Surprise is an understatement!
The couple\'s close friend Alyssa Janzen told Huffington Post Canada about her reaction.
\"I walked into what I thought was an engagement party and started talking to Brandon\'s parents, who I just met.
After realizing that I might have missed a key detail, my friend Kirsten took me over and read the logo explaining my participation in Melissa\'s and Brandon\'s wedding! \"That\'s right.
Melissa and Brandon were not even at the venue when their guests arrived.
Instead, their family and friends were greeted by the logo above, and Mario Caputa, the couple\'s photographer at Avangard photography, captured their candid response.
\"Our big family thought it was a cool idea.
\"It was such an interesting wedding,\" Melissa said . \".
\"My uncle showed up in shorts and was a little awkward, but he looked great and comfortable.
You know, it doesn\'t matter what people wear to us.
We just wanted the people there to celebrate and I thought going into that room and realizing that what happened was very emotional for everyone.
\"The Newlyweds agreed that it was the most difficult to keep all the secrets when planning a wedding.
After all, not only did they remain silent about the ceremony, but they did not announce their engagement until six months after the ceremony.
The lauds were originally engaged in September 2016, but they told their friends and family that Brandon was bringing it up.
The only person who really knew the couple planned was the wedding.
\"My best friend Kirsten was a bridesmaid and she was known from the beginning,\" Melissa explained . \".
\"She and I are both event planners, so I really need a partner --in-
Help me solve this problem.
The couple then told Brandon\'s best man Dan, half the way through the process.
\"We told him at the end of January, and then two months before the wedding, others at the wedding party were told after the engagement,\" Brandon explained . \".
To deceive their friends and family, Brandon told everyone that he was going to have a surprise engagement party for Melissa.
\"The most difficult thing for me was being rejected by them and knowing that they would not attend the wedding, Brandon explained:\" Go back to Melissa and discuss if we should tell these people, because now they say they won\'t come. \".
But in the end, he said, \"We stick to our guns . \"
The only last person the couple told was Melissa\'s brother, who was in the Army and stationed at Camp Shilo in Manitoba.
Unfortunately, he couldn\'t ask for leave for the wedding, but the Ravens managed to broadcast the wedding live for him on YouTube so he could still be part of their wedding.
The Lowes knew from the beginning.
They want to break the tradition.
\"We want to do something different,\" Melissa said . \".
\"We still want to get together with our family and friends, and we just want to find a way to have a party without all the pressure and expectations that usually plan a wedding.
\"Initially the couple considered eloping but decided not to because they didn\'t want the closest people in their lives to miss this important milestone.
That was when Melissa offered Brandon the idea of a surprise wedding.
\"Actually, I have a friend [who]
Had a surprise wedding a few years ago and I remember her coming to visit because the wedding was very close to where we stayed, \"Melissa explained.
\"When she came to me later, she told me, \'You will never believe it.
It was a wedding!
They surprised everyone, and everyone was very casual.
We had a wonderful day.
\"There was a surprise wedding that gave the laowz family the unconventional wedding they had always wanted, but the traditional aspects were added.
Melissa knows, for example, that she wants her dad to walk her down the aisle, and Brandon definitely wants to dance a special dance with his mom.
\"We want to give [our families]
\"It\'s kind of like a traditional wedding because I feel it\'s unfair to take all of this away from them,\" Brandon said . \".
\"So we just gave them something small and made them still feel like they were part of something.
Melissa recalled the wedding and said: \"I feel like we shared our best time with our parents that night.
\"In fact, one of the highlights of the bride\'s night was the moment her father shared with her stepfather.
\"My dad didn\'t wear a tie and he was a little upset that he didn\'t dress for the occasion,\" she explained . \".
\"He was wearing a nice shirt, but he didn\'t wear a tie, and my stepfather actually gave him a tie and asked him to take me through the aisle.
\"This is an important gesture because the two are\" usually unfriendly \", Melissa said \".
Although her father respectfully refused, the bride pointed out, \"seeing them [
Their differences
Set aside for us that day.
\"In general, the wedding of Melissa and Brandon surprised 35 friends and family.
The couple\'s parents, in particular, \"spent their lives.
\"While the wedding was a success, Brandon admitted they were worried about how people reacted.
\"We are very nervous and they will react to the opposite, as if they were cheated out of an experience,\" he said . \".
However, if there were any negative emotions, Brandon said, they were soon crushed after the ceremony, because the level of happiness would only rise as the night progressed.
\"I think the bottom line is [our parents]
\"I\'m really proud that we chose the way we wanted to get married and didn\'t give in to any pressure,\" Melissa explained . \".
\"That being said, they didn\'t really put us under pressure at first.
\"Although they have been married for three weeks, the Ravens said they were still at the wedding.
\"It was just a great night and everything was arranged the way we wanted it.
\"It\'s just to create an amazing atmosphere,\" Brandon said . \".
\"I don\'t bring anything back.
\"I hope every bride is excited about their wedding night, just as we are still excited about our wedding,\" Melissa added . \".
When asked what advice they have for non-couples who wish to plan their own
For a traditional wedding, the couple agree that you just need to follow your heart.
\"When you find a wedding that will make you happy as a couple, I think you have to stick to it,\" Melissa said . \".
\"You will never please everyone anyway, so you \'d better take the risk of doing something that will make you happy.
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