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this dior show has a hidden message for women

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
Dior\'s Maria Grazia Chiuri has been advocating feminism since she became the first female creative director of Dior, a famous French fashion company, in 2016.
This is especially true of her presentation at 2019 fall Paris fashion week.
Her performance at the Rodin Museum was 88-year-
It is revealed that the old artist Bianca Pucciarelli Menna read a poem in Italian about an era in which women will overcome male domination in society.
Pucciarelli works under the male pen name Tomaso bin 1970 s in the art world.
In the background, the artist took a photo of her nude in the letter
Love to pose and spell \"dior\" and words in one of her poems.
Dior wrote on Instagram, \"become one of the first people to see how autumn is --Winter 2019-
MariaGraziaChiuri\'s 2020 show draws on abc.
Each letter represents a different woman, forming a verse of the alphabet by Italian artist Tomasso Binga, who chose a male pseudonym to mimic the privilege left alone to men
DiorAW19©@ AdrienDirand.
The latest products of luxury brands include silkscreened T-
Shirt to 78-tributeyear-
Robin Morgan, old feminist poet
They cited three of her Anthology: The 1970 Sisterhood (
It is said to have triggered a feminist movement in the United States)
1984 is the world\'s sister club, and 2003 is the forever sister club.
Grazia Chiuri displays brand signatures such as Bar jackets and new skirts.
According to the acting notes, in the Queen of the devastated landscape, Teddy Girl is a rude character in Edward\'s time costume --
Stylish jacket with velvet scarf, wide skirt, jeans and black leather jacket.
The model is wearing heavy eyeliner (
Favored by Teddy Girls and designers themselves)
Cat\'s eye sunglasses, plaid kitten-
High-heeled boots and delightful bucket hats by British cap teacher Stephen Jones-
A solution that doesn\'t have to worry too much about hair, because they walk on the runway in pants and bar jackets during the day and wear a tulle embroidered skirt at night.
Denims was promoted to a pleated skirt.
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