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this girl made her sister a brilliant t-shirt to fight back against sexist dress codes

by:QiMeng     2019-09-15
If you don\'t notice, the school dress code appears in the recent news.
Mainly because they are almost always targeting women or girls.
The girls were told that their shoulders were \"inappropriate\" and that their skirts would take longer and that their wardrobe choices would distract other students.
Most students either bite their teeth to accept the rules or continue to wear whatever they want to counter this kind of gender discrimination nonsense. 18-year-
Old Isabella roslini has a different approach.
Her 13-year-old sisteryear-
Old Grace\'s wearing a off-the-
Shoulder to school.
Not a female teacher sent her to the office to determine if this was really against the dress code, Isabella told metro, instead she just got some comments from the dirty look and the teacher, she wanted to change until she was very uncomfortable. co. uk.
Grace felt embarrassed and upset, fearing that her teacher might not see her as a good student just because of the clothes she was wearing.
Grace told her sister what happened and Isabella was angry.
Next time the teacher commented on her dress, she decided to make some new dress for Grace: T-
Explain why the school dress code is a \"B\" shirt.
Isabella told us that I decided to make this shirt mainly because what I wanted to do was not just complain about it to my friends and followers.
\"I want her to go to school in this shirt and show teachers and faculty that she will not lie down and be beaten.
She shared T-
On Twitter, shirt soon received more than 2,000 forwarding and support messages.
Isabella told us that while she and her sister had never discussed feminism before
The shirt sparked a conversation.
Isabella told us that she was very smart and had a lot of interest in the concept of feminism after that.
\"So I knew she was going to keep studying and tell her friends what she learned.
If the dress code is to be implemented, everyone should be the same and the rules should be specific.
Students should not feel humiliated by the teacher, but should be like a friend telling you that you have pepper on your teeth.
\"They should be able to rely on these teachers to teach them how to be a successful person, not to belittle them because of their mistakes.
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