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by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
In 2015, an independent retailer called Otherwild launched a remake of the iconic 1970s \"future is female\" T-shirt.
The design was quickly successful and it was reported that the first product was sold out in two days.
As one of many emerging feminists, they try to understand the F-
At the time, I liked the shirt because it expressed a new but urgent feeling.
Immerse yourself in the history of activists, in open politics T-
Shirt to deal with changing political trends that threaten women\'s rights. The feminist T-
2015 and 2016 of shirts protested systemic inequality through sans
Serif slogan: \"my uterus, My Choice\", \"Girls just want to have fun --
The most basic right, perhaps the most acute, \"Pussy snatched it back.
However, the past three years seem to have brought another feminist fashion trend: T-
Simply state the shirt.
Some people just say \"women.
Other features are slightly different: \"female\" or \"human female \".
Sometimes it is contextualized in sentences: \"I am a woman\" or \"man, it is good to be a woman!
Other times it\'s in other languages: \"Femme/Donna/Mujer/Woman.
\"You can buy a matching design for your little girl.
The phrase has become so popular that it has become a self
Reference joke (“This Is a T-
About Women\'s shirts \"). T-
Nina Marston said that shirts with \"simple statements or words\" \"are becoming more and more common at all levels of the fashion market,\" a fashion analyst at Euromonitor International, a market research provider.
She said the shirt could be used as a \"buy to confirm identity\", which could lead women to \"theoretically take a step in the direction of being more politically active. \"In theory.
Change from rah-
The simple manifesto passed on to women by the rah political message a few years ago also marks the epitome of feminist fashion and the greater change beyond it: the tilt from visibility politics to visibility economy.
Visibility has always played a key role in the feminist movement.
Pride March is for the public presence in Los Angeles. G. B. T. Q. identities.
Kimberlécrenshaw\'s cross-frame shows the unique experience of black women who lack representation in workplace policies, laws and social movements.
MeToo\'s success is largely due to the new public nature that used to be a private sexual harassment.
\"This visibility that makes us the most vulnerable is also the source of our greatest strength,\" Audley Lord wrote . \".
\"That\'s what the professor is. Sarah Banet-
Weiser calls it visibility politics: an act that emphasizes identity categories such as gender and race to achieve political recognition and wants to achieve structural change.
On the other hand, the visibility economy decoupled this approach from its political goals.
Instead, visibility itself becomes valuable because of its profitability potential.
This has played a role in the transmission of \"investment girls\" information, as if they were commodities.
It supports genderequality-is-smart-
Economic activism
It produces T-
Equate a woman with a feminist shirt.
This is not to say that what we have in 2015 is \"good\" and that today\'s shirts are \"bad\" for feminist goals \".
Any statement, so to speak
Shirts are related to the visibility economy;
All these \"women\'s future\" shirts
Even moral production.
Their political influence is almost negligible.
In fact, gender scholars believe convincingly that capitalist feminism is not feminism at all.
However, although they may be political
The shirt slogan is a useful way to refine social movements into the most basic conceptual elements. A T-
The shirt that says \"equal pay now\" may not have much effect in eliminating wage discrimination, but it does let you know where our energy is.
What is wearing a shirt that says \"woman\" as a shorthand?
Optimists may say it\'s self.
The obvious importance of gender equality in 2019
Because this shirt is there, because I\'m wearing it, it must be valuable for what it stands.
Realists may say that this shows a wide range of ways in which feminist principles penetrate in meaningful and meaningless cultural consciousnessso-A meaningful way
But cultural identity itself is not enough.
When representation of marginalized groups becomes symbolic rather than transformative, inclusive projects fail.
While Nike is discriminating against pregnant women athletes, creating viral marketing points that support women\'s equality, cultural identity masks oppression.
While Hollywood executives are proud to punish black filmmakers privately, they speak out for their voices.
More importantly, for many women, there is a real danger of visibility without political influence.
Being seen in public as a trans-gender woman or lesbian can pose particularly serious physical risks.
Sometimes, 2019 feels like a dystopian dinner, and you get a name tag at the door that says, \"Hi, my name is: Woman.
\"This non-modification visibility distracts a huge structural barrier to gender justice, while reinforcing a simple concept of gender.
By emphasizing our single \"feminine\", we minimize commonalities with men and at the same time eliminate differences between us.
To be sure, the popularity of genderstatement T-
Shirts have little impact on the status of feminist politics.
But perhaps the apparent trend of wearing women\'s clothing is a symptom of a larger cultural situation.
If in 2015 we predict that the future will be women, we will feel right in 2019.
Water bottles are female.
Female handbag.
The work area is female.
This is not enough somehow. Ms.
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