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this town is the real star of \'big little lies\'

by:QiMeng     2019-09-19
Editor\'s Note —Spoiler alert!
For those of you who haven\'t seen any episodes yet, the story contains some of the first season\'s plot.
Monterey, California (CNN)—
Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura den, Zo Kravitz, and Sherin Woodley are human stars of the big lie, adapted from
The story was originally set in a fictional Sydney on the outskirts of Australia, and the setting of the story was moved to the Monterey Peninsula in California to watch the TV series, and the location also played the leading role in the show.
Shailene Woodley, zokravitz, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura den (
Left to right)
The star in the big lie.
Jennifer Cullen/HBOWhen Meryl Streep signed up for the second season of HBO\'s premiere on Sunday, June 9, and the peninsula is once again getting the chance to shine. (
CNN and HBO\'s parent company, WarnerMedia. )
Streep plays the role of a mother who died in the first season, she does not believe that death is accidental, her harsh eyes and sharp problems break the new balance --
The woman named \"five Monterey\" was present when her son died.
The related content \"size Li\" has been greatly improved from Meryl Streep. She was upset about visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, local cafes and her daughter --in-
The home overlooking the sea.
A feeling of impending doom hangs over those rugged cliffs, raging waves and sometimes foggy towns on the California coast, and we wonder if Streep will uncover her sonMeryl Streep (right)
Nicole Kidman\'s mother joined the crew. in-law.
Jennifer Classen/HBO \"We want to make an American version of the story, especially in California, because it fits the feeling and tone of the book, and executive producer Greg Feinberg told Hollywood reporters.
\"Monterey is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, probably the most beautiful place on the California coast line, so it\'s the perfect match.
\"The Peninsula, including towns such as Monterey, Pacific Grove and Carmel, is packed most of the year with tourists, driving up or down the coast\'s iconic Highway 1, spending the day around the world
Famous Monterey Bay Aquarium and explore the cannery street known for the book of the same name by John Steinbeck.
Many other movies and TV shows have been filmed here.
Now, because of all the lies told in this little paradise, it becomes more famous.
Big SurBixby Bridge and Highway 1 in Big Sur are part of California\'s famous Highway 1.
ShutterstockBixby Bridge, one of the visual symbols of the show\'s opening ceremony, also provides a local path for wealthy and richer families to take their children to the local primary school. (
Actually, there are 20 miles from the bridge to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. )
If you travel north from Los Angeles along Highway 1 to Monterey, stop at the withdrawal of Grand sur and shoot one of California\'s most beautiful bridges between the stunning cliffs and Bixby Creek Canyon.
We are not sure if the stars of the show have eaten there, but Nepenthe of Big Sur is a great place to eat ambrocia burgers and triple berry pies.
The Galapagos State Park and the beach, the Dassu people swim and sunbathe in the Galapagos State Park in Grand Sur.
The photographic designer of this exhibition added new stairs to Garrapata State Park, where some scenes of cliffs, powerful Pacific waves and lovely coastline were filmed.
Spring and summer are also the season when Wild flowers bloom.
Tourism officials recommend the western coastal trail starting at gate 19 of Highway 1.
Old Fisherman\'s Wharf, the view of Old Fisherman\'s Wharf in downtown Monterey is often part of Blue Blues, a fictional cafe in the first season.
There is no doubt that the old Fisherman\'s Wharf in downtown Monterey is a tourist trap with a lot of T-
Shirts, chocolates and chocolates are sold.
But this is also the best place to eat Italian food on the water of Paluca Trattoria, which inspired the blue Blues, where the main characters of the show gathered for coffee in the fictional cafe, and occasional battles in the first season. (
Blue Blues only exist on a music stage in Los Angeles. )
Wait, isn\'t that the coffee house true?
Enjoy coffee and jam in the Happy Girls kitchen in Pacific Grove.
Katya Haite/CNNForget fictional Blue Blues.
Witherspoon, who works together
The executive producer of the show was found in the happy girl kitchen in Pacific Grove, a cafe serving breakfast and lunch, as well as house-
Jam, pickles and shrubs for sale.
What we like most now is strawberry summer jam and oh-so-
Pink grapefruit jam pie.
If you look closely at the first episode of season 2, you can find it in Madeline Martha McKenzie\'s happy girl sauce jar (
Witherspoon\'s character)kitchen.
The spectacular \"high seas\" exhibition at Monterey Bay Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium is magical.
Randy Wilder/Monterey Bay Aquarium
The famous aquarium, a character who works in the second season, is home to more than 35,000 plants and animals, representing more than 550 species found in local and other marine habitats around the world.
Nearly 200 galleries and exhibitions are open to the public, but the Monterey Bay Aquarium is at the forefront of some key conservation efforts.
This is the only aquarium that uses a surrogate program to bring rescued sea otters cubs into the wild and build live kelp forest exhibitions (
Supplied by incoming seawater).
Get there before the Aquarium opens: one hour after it opens, it is usually packed every day.
Check out discounts on local hotels or consider becoming a member if you plan to go more than once a year.
Pacific Grove Point Park Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove is a local leisure place.
Courtesy Michael Troutman/DMT Imaging/Monterey CVBLovers Point State Marine Sanctuary has become a set for several scenes, starting with the first episode of Witherspoon\'s character Madeline meeting Jane.
For locals, couples Point Park has always been a place to hang out, have a picnic and swim on the beach ---
Even posing for wedding photos.
Locals, tourists and actors all like to run on Del Monte Beach.
Del Monte Beach is part of Monterey State Beach, where locals enjoy swimming, sunbathing and surfing.
The show has a lot of fun and drama running and dancing on the beach, some of which are filmed here.
Visitors can pack their swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and some water.
Other joints we like if you like to leave a hole in the wall for breakfast or have some really great tortillas for lunch, we know where to go (
Where should the stars go too).
The Breakfast Club is hidden behind a strip mall near the seaside and has the best breakfast
Pancakes and breakfast at the Peninsula.
Of course there will be a line.
Just have a cup of coffee.
Father Chano\'s favorite holein-the-
Wall taco joints in Monterey.
Once again, there is no decoration except for the delicious tortillas.
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