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thousands march against violence in mexico

by:QiMeng     2019-09-28
AN anti-
The violent march began in a central country with only a few hundred people, in a 4-
The day\'s trek reached the capital of Mexico, where his son, led by a poet, was killed by suspicious drug dealers.
It is estimated that 20,000 people are wearing white T-today-
The shirt says \"enough bloodshed\" and a photo of the poet Javier Sicilian\'s son who was killed.
On Thursday, hundreds of people set off from Cuernavaca in the central state of Morelos, traveling silently along a 80 km-kilometer route.
City officials say the march expanded to at least 20,000 people after a large number of protesters joined Mexico City.
In a deafening speech, Sicily asked the Minister of Public Security, ginaro Garcia Luna, to resign, attacking the government\'s failure to contain Mexico\'s relentless drug violence, despite the deployment of thousands of soldiers and federal police in cartel strongholds across the country.
\"If we come here silently, it is because our pain is so great and profound, and the fear that causes it so great that there is no language to describe it, Sicilian said.
\"We still believe that it is possible for this country to come back and rise from the ruins and show the dead agents that the children of this country are standing up.
\"Since drug King Arturo Beltran Leyva died in a gun battle with the Cuernavaca Marine Corps in December 2009, terrible violence has surged in the southwestern part of Mexico City, causing his cartel to split
Competitors often hang broken bodies on the highways connecting Mexico City, Cuernavaca and the Pacific resort city of aklapo.
Since President Felipe Calderon deployed federal forces to combat cartels in 2006, similar fighting has claimed more than 34,600 lives nationwide.
An unprecedented number of drug bosses have been captured or killed, resulting in the division of their cartels, and the fighting has reached a terrible level, including the secret graves where hundreds of bodies were found last month in tamalipas and northern Durango.
\"Where are political parties, mayors, governors, federal authorities, military, navy, churches, legislators, businessmen?
Where are we all?
When the highway in tamalipas turns into a death trap for unarmed men and women?
Cecilia said in her speech.
The vast majority of drugs
The related killings have yet to be resolved, sparking widespread anger at Mexico\'s overburdened and corrupt police for their inefficiency.
Among the procession was Relatives of Marisela Escobedo, a woman who was killed in the northern part of Chihuahua state, when she protested in front of the government office, demanding to be killed
On March 28, the poet\'s son, Juan Francesco Sicilian, and six others, were killed in culuna Waka.
Three suspected drug gangs were arrested in the killings.
Investigators say some of the people killed may have escaped.
Was with the suspect a few days before the attack, but Sicily was not involved.
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