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tiger woods wasn\'t drunk when he got nailed with a dui, but nike should still cut him loose

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
It may be time for Nike. NKE -Get Report)
Do it with golf legend and spokesman Tiger Woods: cut off the bait at any cost, lest you continue to be associated with an athlete who is in trouble and has a low return on investment.
Woods was arrested around three in the morning. m.
Driving under the influence on Monday (DUI)
Jupiter in Florida
A few hours later, he was sent to a local prison and released without any guarantee under his own guarantee.
Woods said in a statement Monday night that an unexpected reaction to the prescription drug resulted in his arrest.
Woods denies alcohol.
The statement appears to have been backed by a police report released on Tuesday.
According to reports, the police officer at the scene said that Woods was \"extremely slow and inarticulate\" and had trouble on several roadside tasks. Woods blew a 0.
In the alcohol test.
Nike and Woods have gone through it all together over the years.
Woods began a grand fashion tour in 1996 and dominated the rankings and championship circles in early 2000, A sport formerly known for wearing baggy tan trousers and white men with oversized polo wholesale t shirts wholesale.
Nike chose to stay with Woods after the infamous sex scandal and subsequent poor performance in 2009.
Eventually, he returned in 2012, and 2013 received a new contract from Nike in July 2013.
Nike did not disclose the current length and amount of Woods\'s contract, but the company was very good with his rewards as he helped sell to weekend hackers, low-handicap people, children and other golf professionals.
Woods\'s original contract with Nike in 1996 was five years, reportedly $40 million, and in 2001 he signed another five years.
The deal is reported to be worth $100 million this year.
The terms of Woods\'s contract from 2006 to 2013 were not announced.
Golf Digest sets Woods\'s annual revenue from Nike at $20 million.
Sports Illustrated, on the other hand, earns nearly $40 million a year.
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