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tim gunn makes hoboken woman over

by:QiMeng     2019-09-15
Anyone watching the crowd leave the road at 6 in the evening. m.
I know this town may be a very fashionable place.
But there was a woman who felt like she was left behind in the fierce competition of Prada wallets, ankle boots and designer brands.
Until fashion expert Tim Gunn gave Rebecca Pennino a 26-year-old
In his new Bravo show \"style guide for Tim Gunn\", he needs a fashion makeover.
\"Some people may remember that Gunn is not.
\"Project Runway\" Famous Nonsense style consultant.
Plus the publication of his new book, Tim Gunn: A guide to quality, taste and style, he now hosts the makeup show with model Veronica Webb.
It was panino\'s cousin who sent her an application to attend the show.
\"She said, \'I love you, but you dress like a boy!
Said panino.
\"I think \'why not, \'panino said before the show.
Aired last week)
Her daily clothes are jeans and long, loose T-shirts. shirts.
She hasn\'t been dressed for two years. \"I wore long t-
A shirt covering the thigh.
I\'m a curve, so I\'m so, so self
\"I consciously show my body,\" Pennino said . \".
\"Every time I go out dancing or going out to dinner in Hoboken, I get anxious.
I just want to make myself feminine.
\"The shoes she wears every day are covered.
She walks her dog in slippers or sneakers.
She works for a marketing company at Englewood Cliff, which makes her feel free to wear, so Pennino is \"very comfortable \".
But Gunn and Weber have other ideas.
They surprised panino in her apartment on Garden Street and asked her to put on what she thought was the ideal \"go \"--out\" outfit.
\"I put on a dress that I thought was beautiful --spaghetti-
The patchwork tied to my knee
But Tim tore it apart.
\"I think what he said was, \'This is a lot of work, \'\" Pennino said \'. \".
Then Gunn and Webb attacked panino\'s wardrobe.
Almost every piece of clothing she has is donated to clothes worn for success, a non-profit organization that provides interview clothing for low-income peopleincome women.
When Gunn suggested wearing leggings, she wouldn\'t even touch the House of Uggs Pennino, \"almost screaming \".
\"They cut me off in the middle. calf.
He said I looked like a stump.
Pennino got the money and bought himself a brand new wardrobe at New York fashion boutique Scoop New York and Catherine malandino.
Webb and Gunn were with her and they gave her advice but asked her to pick out new clothes.
Gunn advised Pennino not to wear jeans and loose T-shirts, but to wear tight dresses, Imperial dresses and high
Contrary to low-rise jeanswaisted pants.
He taught her to hug her crooked figure and show off her waist.
The stylist at the fashion show measured Pennino\'s Body 26 times
Hip, chest, waist
And enter the measurement results into a computer program called Optitex.
The show simulates her figure and shows the best looking style.
\"What he taught me was scale, style and size.
I realized I could look better, \"panino said.
Pennino is now wearing a wrap skirt, a skirt and high heels.
The sweat was replaced with a seersuker dress she could wear when walking her dog.
Gunn suggested that she could match summer clothes with blazers, tights and closed toenails and bring them to winter.
Pennino also bought the \"basics\" of the ten styles Gunn says every woman should have \": basic black dress, trench coat, classic dress pants, skirt, suit jacket, classic cashmere sweater, jeans, sports suit, extra points
An indulgent fashion item.
Tim said that the body like me was designed for skirts and he was right.
\"When I put on my skirt, I look like a lost person of about 10 pounds . \"
\"I got a new beginning;
I think I have a second chance.
\"Now, Pennino says she feels more comfortable joining other Hoboken fashionistas in clubs, bars and restaurants.
Her \"down-to-earth\" shopping on Washington Street for Gunn\'s suggested women\'s clothing.
A episode of pannino was aired last week.
Listen to Bravo at 10/9 tonight and watch the second episode of Tim Gunn\'s style guide.
\"Jenny Swinley from Bayonne will be watching under a fashion microscope with Gunn and Weber.
Continue, continue.
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