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\'time to say goodbye,\' sings helen zille

by:QiMeng     2019-09-21
\"It\'s time to say goodbye . . . . . . \" Helen Zille sang that her voice disappeared with the unfamiliar Italian part of Andrea pochelli\'s song.
On Saturday, she came to the podium and sang along with Brenda Fassi at the Bellville bike House\'s \"vulindlela,\" as outgoing Prime Minister, speaking at a rally that launched the DA sekcape declaration.
Just after \"vulindlela\", she sang Bocelli\'s number in a slightly shaky voice.
Then she said that her typical stoic expression softened with a smile: \"[My] Julle Sal Almar of Hart blavolev
You will live in my heart forever.
She said something in isiXhosa, and a man in the audience said to her, \"We love you too!
\"He was part of a group of people who were blocked from the stage by mirrors --
Security guards in vests, rock concert style.
Zille apparently came to say goodbye, but it soon shone to see her become the leader of DA, the mayor of Cape Town, and the political steel of the first sekcape Prime Minister who completed two terms.
Outgoing WC Prime Minister @ helenzille presented her version of Vulindlela from Brenda Fassi at the da wc declaration launch.
She also sang the first line of time to say goodbye.
Campaigntrail209 @ TeamNews24 picture. twitter. com/quPP63F5cd—Jan Gerber (@gerbjan)
In March 2, 2019, according to her statistics, she cited the best of sekcape --run province. The DA-
The difference is that \"Blue Man\" likes to call it \"Blue Man \".
\"We were zero when we were in power!
\"Clean Audit,\" she said . \".
\"Now we have 83%.
\"Her statistics were greeted with polite applause and after a while Zille said she would not reveal more statistics to the audience.
\"You can do something very important.
You can vote in blue.
\"El Keane siprig Dorn, played by Sal regam
Everything will improve if everyone does their part].
She said 62% of South African fathers left their children with a hint of anger in her voice.
\"Se ni Hull viranto de lihad Nakom ni, help nie ni. [
People who do not perform their duties do not help us]
\"She said harshly.
\"Take responsibility!
An audience blurted out. \"My tyd is op [My time is over. ]
She left the podium.
Right out of the stage
A duck dress in a blue T-shaped oceanshirts.
Ladies and gentlemen, Helen Zir has left the building . . . . . . Prime Minister WC @ helenzille: \"My style is op. ” (My time is over)
Right out of the stage
Campaigntrail209 @ TeamNews24 picture. twitter. com/Ilx9hQI8vu—Jan Gerber (@gerbjan)
It\'s not March 2, 2019.
Soon after, she found herself in a room with snacks, coffee, WiFi and various media types.
\"I won\'t sing anymore,\" she said with a smile . \".
\"But now is the time to say goodbye.
Asked about her thoughts as she walked off the stage, she said: \"Well, you know, I like the spirit of DA rally.
Geen gees soos\'n DA gees nie in Daar [
There is no such spirit as the Spirit].
A little nostalgic.
A little sad.
But I am the kind of person who always goes to the future.
So I just like DA.
I like people in DA.
I love South Africa.
I think the success of DA will be the success of South Africa.
I\'m glad I left a great team to move on.
She wants DA to keep the West Cape.
\"If every province is in the hands of a corrupt party, it will be very, very bad for South Africa.
As we can see, although people may like Cyril ramafusa, he is surrounded by people with very, very tense powers and very questionable history.
No matter how much one will cry, you can\'t turn things around like the ANC.
News 24 asked her what she thought was her greatest achievement and biggest failure in government.
Sighed and said, \"I think the biggest achievement is to put a seven
A party alliance in a very complex situation. \"That was big.
She said with a smile that seemed relieved.
This has to do with her time as mayor of Cape Town.
\"The second achievement is the introduction of governance systems that can produce results, and systems that can measure them, so that we can ensure that we are making progress.
This is not what anyone sees, but building these systems is a revolution for the government.
Let more children go to school.
Keep more children at school.
To make more children literate and numeracy, especially the introduction of electronic
At present, 80% of schools have access to broadband. this learning platform is really big.
It laid a platform for the future.
Our game of energy
As Eskom enters the utility death spiral, the province will be fully prepared for the future of green energy.
We currently have 70% green businesses in South Africa.
South Africa is the fastest growing green economy in the world, and that\'s why we are.
Through the work we have done over the past five years, West Cape is ready for the future of green energy.
\"I can continue.
\"Of course, the most important legacy is economic growth.
In fact, there are more than one person who has a job now, which we did not have when we were in power.
Employment grew by 24% per cent, and our unemployment rate fell by 14% per cent, according to the broad definition of the national average.
This is a legacy.
The outgoing prime minister of WC? @helenzille?
When I asked her earlier today, what did she think was her greatest achievement and failure in government? @TeamNews24? pic. twitter. com/cL8qZoQ2OV—Jan Gerber (@gerbjan)
On March 2, 2019, it was noted that there was no answer to the second part of the question-what did she think was her biggest failure in government (
This is not Twitter, by the way).
Zille asked two more questions, and colleagues softened the blow by asking her what different things she would do, saying, \"Well, I don\'t know, you know. What?
What would I do differently? \"Pause.
\"I may spend more time with my family.
\"You see, it\'s easy to say, looking back, I\'ll do different things, but will you do different things when you know it at the time?
This is a big problem.
Will you do different things when you know it at the time?
\"I think I will look more at the complexity of bureaucracy, and I will focus my attention on a very complex bureaucratic environment where three areas of government are very complex and difficult to work effectively.
And, at the end of my administration\'s term, I really started working on that.
\"So in many ways, by the time I\'m done, I\'m ready to start becoming prime minister,\" she said with a smile.
\"But term restrictions are a very good thing and they should be there,\" she added quickly . \".
\"So, I have a lot of experience today and I hope to have it at the beginning.
But no one can start their work with experience as a mother or a government.
That\'s why you made a mistake.
\"My accumulation of mistakes has prepared me.
\"WC Prime Minister @ helenzille answered my question earlier today during the da wc declaration, and she thought she had the biggest failure in the government @ TeamNews24 pic. twitter. com/LoIfdaxKTg—Jan Gerber (@gerbjan)
What is the future after March 2, 2019?
Helen Zir, May 8
\"You know, it\'s amazing that I don\'t know yet.
I plan to go on vacation and relax.
I\'m not sure if I can relax again!
This is something I have to test.
I will have to learn again how to reverse parking as I have been driving for a long time and I don\'t know if I can still reverse parking.
I have to learn to get to the place on time as I have to think about looking at the map or tracking the GPS, finding the parking lot and so on.
So, these are the skills that I have to re-learn.
It is not easy to learn these skills.
So I will take some time to learn some basic survival skills.
\"In addition to adapting to life outside the bubble reserved for senior political officials, Zille wants to write more. \"I like writing.
\"Let me see. in my life, the door next door has opened.
When a door closes, the door next door opens.
This is the story of my life.
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