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to comb or not to comb?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-25
Do you want to know something about brushing your teeth and combing your hair? These myths are a person who debunks them and will reassure you when you know how to care for your hair.
I know we are all thinking that if I brush my hair 100 times a night I will share my comb because dandruff will make me brush my hair once a day and make it grow faster, I have the answers and the truth to these questions.
Read on and learn about these myths and why they are myths!
So, if you brush your hair 100 times before going to bed, the truth can do more damage to your hair.
You just need to brush or comb to get rid of the tangle.
I like Combs because they are easier to get rid of tangles and less disruptive.
You can get a large comb, some wrinkle spray, and you can comb your hair for free in a few hours!
When you brush your teeth, can you wet my hair and comb it dry? The bristles on the brush pull your hair at many different angles.
When your hair is wet, it will swell and be weaker than dry.
Brushing your teeth will only pull and stretch, causing hair damage.
For wet hair, it is recommended to use a wide tooth comb.
When combing dry hair, regular combing will only produce more entanglement and roar.
Also, use a wide tooth comb to best suit your hair.
Applying a small amount of detangler Spray also helps to protect the hair from damage when combing it.
Treat your hair as gently as a man treats his car! Dandruff. Yuck!
The truth is we all understand!
We have dandruff at some point. I know.
It\'s really not what you want to hear.
Some of us get it so serious that it will look like snow if we just put our head a bit.
The reality of dandruff is that it is caused by the fungus found on everyone\'s hair.
The difference is that the fungus responsible for dandruff is not active among people without dandruff.
For someone with dandruff, it\'s certainly active.
So since it is inactive among those who don\'t have it, you can\'t get dandruff from sharing your brush or comb.
However, there are other things that can be spread from sharing.
Sharing these tools is not recommended.
In this case, care is not to share!
I hope that brushing my hair every day will make it grow faster, but unfortunately, no.
Brushing your teeth every day is good.
It helps to remove scalp and hair build-up caused by products and everyday elements.
Brushing your teeth every day can help you distribute the natural oil on your scalp to your hair bundle.
It does help to stimulate your scalp, produce more blood flow, and produce more natural oil for the body.
This is not enough to stimulate the growth of your hair.
Your best choice is to comb your hair or comb your hair every day.
Don\'t overdo it because you may cause damage and breakage to your precious stock.
It is best to use conditioner after shampoo and always rinse conditioner with cold water.
This will help prevent tangling and make it easier to comb your hair.
No matter what the hair is, every girl needs a large comb. Period.
If your hair is thin and thick, or the perfect hair in between, you need a large comb!
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