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tools of the trade: must-have equipment for your lawn care or landscaping business

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
The following is an excerpt from \"entrepreneurs start their own lawn maintenance or landscaping business.
Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes. If you have always loved your lawn and have the knack of taking care of your own, you may already have enough maintenance equipment to carry out your business.
But you may need newer, larger, and more powerful devices.
After all, it\'s a serious business that you\'re going to run and serious business requires serious tools.
Your biggest expense so far will be to ship your equipment for a solid and reliable vehicle (
If you don\'t have a truck that can do that yet).
Experts in landscaping suggest heavy selection
Heavy flatbed (one-ton rated)
At least one lock toolbox ($200 and up)
Dumping Mechanism installed on a flat plate for unloading surface soil and other landscape materials quickly and without shoveling (
Starting at $900).
This will range from $27,000 to $36,500.
This is a must if you have a lot of equipment and don\'t want to lift it over and over to your van or truck bed.
The price of a new steel mesh landscape trailer could reach $1,500. A plain-Jane 5-by-10-foot single-axle light-
Duty trailer with 12-
Foot rail and ramp door (
It\'s also a must so you can drive the mower on board)
Starting at about $800.
Investment lock-
Downs will keep your equipment safe while you are on the road. Locking 8-foot tie-
The price per car is about $18.
Just as you can work in a home office, you can start your business by using your own garage or shed without paying for storage.
Shed kit with precut, easy-to-
Assembly pieces can be delivered directly to your doorstep, or you can save money by buying a plan of about $50 and building it yourself.
Check what local building permits are needed in your town before purchasing.
In addition to protecting your vehicle, you want to use this space to repair and store equipment and additional supplies such as garbage bags and fertilizers.
If you don\'t have enough space in your garage or garage, you have to find another facility because many cities have regulations prohibiting overnight parking on residential streets.
Another option to use your own garage is to rent a bay in your own garage
Storage facilities.
A space as small as 10 by 15 feet, about the size of a large bedroom, is enough to accommodate lawn equipment and miscellaneous supplies.
It takes about 10 by 20 feet if you want to park the truck inside (a small one-Garage size)
, Also 10 by 30 feet if you also want to pull the trailer in.
Rent varies greatly depending on which country you live in, but you can expect to pay between $50 and $200 per month.
Uniform and hat. Personalized T-
Shirts and hats not only give you and your team a neat, professional look, but also play a low profile role
Cost advertising tools.
Embroidered polo wholesale t shirts wholesale cost about $15 to $30 each
Shirts are around $13 per piece and hats are around $12 to $17 per piece.
Safety equipment.
Lawn equipment runs at speeds up to 95 decibels, even at 85-according to OSHA-to-90-dB range. Earmuff-
The price of a stylish hearing protector that looks like a stereo headset is around $25.
Invest in a strong pair of safety glasses while you are there.
You should also wear work gloves when you work. -
They will make you more secure to grab the handle of your device, which is especially important when your hands sweat in hot weather. Steel-
Toe work boots are also essential.
Let\'s start discussing this. gritty.
You need a lot of equipment to start the lawn care business.
Here is a quick list: mower.
There are a variety of dazzling commercial lawn mowers on the market.
Most of these days are self-
Push, a feature that you will appreciate after spending hours criss-crossing acres of green grass under the scorching sun.
The mower is usually equipped with very useful accessories and functions such as mulchers and side catchers, which can make your work easier.
The mower is necessary for larger work.
You will definitely want a standard walk too-
Work in your arsenal for Hills and smaller modes.
If you are planning on mowing the grass hill, be sure to buy a mower with a floating deck.
The deck floats to embrace the lawn outline and offers beautiful finished cutting.
You can buy a reliable mower for $1,000 to $2,600.
Snow removal equipment.
If you are planning to provide snow removal services in the winter, you will need to equip your truck with a snow plow or a snow blade for your mower.
You can spend $1,200 to $5,200 on this.
Hangers and sprayers.
Even if your intention is to insist on cutting grass, it is a good idea to provide fertilization as one of your basic services.
To do this, you need a broadcast pellet dispenser that, as the name suggests, spreads the fertilizer in a wide arc.
Spreaders spent about $35.
To attack weeds growing in sidewalk or lane cracks, invest in a small three
A gallon pressurized herbicide sprayer.
It will cost about $40.
If you work on more than half an acre, four
The gallon backpack sprayer is the best option for weight reduction.
About $70.
Trimmer, curling machine, blower and hedge trimmer.
The trimmer is used to reach the grass that grows where the mower cannot reach, such as around trees or mailbox posts.
The business model will reach $200 to $400.
Edger cleared the grass growing on the edge of the lane, on the sidewalk, and on other boundaries.
Commercial Electric four
The wheel model will cost about $400, while a stick edger runs about $200.
Backpack hair dryers are used to direct scattered newspaper clippings back to the lawn for $200 to $550.
Finally, the hedge trimmer did the finishing work for those solemn boundaries.
A commercial electric model costs between $180 and $500, but it can be painful because you have to look around for an external power outlet.
You may want to buy a cordless charging model, and in a home improvement shop like Lao, you can get less than $100.
Here is a list of the basic tools you may need to work in the garden, berms, flower beds and other fields as a landscape maintenance/gardening professional: according to experts, if all you buy is new, mining tools cutting tools grading tools measuring tools marking tools miscellaneous, the budget of $5,000 to $6,000 will cover the cost of basic tools.
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