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trendy to the tee

by:QiMeng     2019-09-16
Shirts will never be out of date. They are all-
From rough jeans to humble veshti, time favorites that can work with anything.
To increase this diversity, madulai now has a whimsical T-shirt buyers.
A small pavilion called \"three links\" on the new prison Road is now pulling people. At this make-
In the shift shop on the platform opposite the prison gate, mesh cot constitutes t-
Display the shirt with a folding umbrella with logo and name to protect you from the sun.
From the outside, Tee Labs may look the same as other streets --
Next to the booth, but the brand stored inside is not just a trendy showroom.
The latest design of the \"Sean John\" wheel
Brands of neck and international sports casual clothing such as \"g-
\"Rocarwar\" \"Woka\" and \"I-
Spoil you for choice!
The concept of inspiration began at the upper Diwali when Rajesh Kannu, a former student at American University, and his two friends Stanley and Bhaskaran began selling T-
Shirt for the festival.
\"We did it to pass the time.
We collected the normal T.
During the festival, shirts, printed slogans and funny cartoons sell 40 pieces a day! ”, says Rajesh.
Since then, the store has sold an average of 35 to 40 T-shirts a day.
\"We replenish our inventory twice a month,\" Rajesh said . \".
\"Most of our products are from Tirupur and Bangalore.
The sports jersey is from Ludhiana.
We turn Rs every day. 3,000.
Variety including roundnecks, polo T-
Jerseys, sports jerseys, full set
Sleeves and turtles
Between neck and Rs. 100 and Rs. 300.
\"We offer them at a cheaper price because they are bought from the export surplus.
\"We also have huge sizes up to 5XL in stock,\" Stanley said . \". Customized T-
ShirtsTee Labs has also customized T-shirt. They screen-
Print the logo, graphics, subtitles, trendy cards and slogans according to the customer\'s choice.
\"The current boom is the print of\" Che Guevara \", Tamil subtitles and mood graphics,\" Bhaskaran noted . \".
\"This is ours.
House product line.
We do this, whether retail or wholesale.
\"Price range for custom T-shirts is Rs. 300 to Rs. 500.
Only man T-
Shirts are available and young people plan to provide them to women and children soon.
They also created a page for people to post their needs and orders.
\"We offer online advertising because our customer base is mostly young people,\" said Rajesh . \". D.
Ravi, a shopper at Tee Labs, thinks \"T-
The shirts are easy to wear and wash and are affordable to make you look younger.
Rajesh said, \"pick up a T-
Shirts are not as impulsive as buying shirts or pants where you think and plan.
Some people buy T-shirts just to have a huge collection.
Now, everyone is looking for brands that are not stingy with their pockets, and that\'s what we offer. ”Tee-Tips:T-
Shirts or any other knitwear should not be unscrewed after washing as the color may bleed and shrink the fabric.
The printed T-shirt should be washed out of the inside by hand only, so that the printing will remain complete.
The washing machine can remove rubber and screen printing. Do not dry t-
Shirts on ropes or hangers, as they can expand.
Instead, lay it on the floor under the fan.
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