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trump says he\'ll size up kim jong un \'within the first minute\' of singapore summit

by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
President Donald Trump predicted on Saturday that when he met with Kim Jong Un, he would almost immediately know whether the North Korean leader was seriously negotiating a nuclear deal, indicating that, his intuition is enough to make the leader of the world\'s most opaque dictatorship a reality.
\"In the first minute, I knew.
My touch, my feeling
That\'s what I did, \"Trump said at a news conference in Quebec, who is preparing to leave the G7 summit on his way to Singapore, where he plans to meet Kim Jong Il on Tuesday.
\"You know they say you know if you like the people in the first five seconds,\" he added . \".
\"Well, I think I\'ll know soon if something good will happen.
I think I will also know if it will happen soon.
\"Two days ago, Trump said he didn\'t need to make much preparation before the historic summit, because the interpersonal relationship between the two leaders will be a more important factor.
Foreign policy analysts say Kim Jong Il may try to get Trump to agree on some symbolic steps, including a peace deal to formally end the Korean War, while waiting for the opportunity to achieve the major promise of non-nuclear.
\"I think he will be surprised, very positive, and we will see,\" Trump told Kim in Quebec . \".
\"But this has never been done, never been tested.
\"However, as he has done in recent days, the president has promised to ask Kim to quickly hand over his nuclear arsenal, but he is trying to lower expectations.
Mr. Trump acknowledged that the summit was unlikely to make a major breakthrough, saying at least he wanted to \"start a dialogue\" with Mr. Kim \".
\"I want to do more,\" Trump said . \".
But if not, \"at least we have met, we have met;
I hope we can enjoy each other.
We will start the process. . . .
But I think it will take a little bit of time.
\"Trump\'s comments are on G-
He and other world leaders worked to bridge differences on trade and other issues.
The president looked exhausted and depressed. He played down the team of reporters, sayingS.
Before the assistant pulled him away to start his trip to Southeast Asia, the news media were \"incredibly dishonest\" and \"fake news \".
After a long flight of Air Force One, including a gas station, the president is scheduled to arrive in Singapore on Sunday night. This city-state of 5.
5 million people were busy with anticipation as workers competed to complete the safety preparations for an event with little modern flavor --day precedent.
In the luxurious St.
The St. Regis Hotel is located outside the busy high-end shopping corridor, where construction workers hang concrete columns around the fifth floor.
The North Korean delegation is expected to stay at star complex.
Television news workers took pictures of the workers from the sidewalk, and curious local residents stopped to take pictures. A half-
A mile from Shangri-La.
Los Angeles hotels, United States of AmericaS.
Secret Service agents will wear casual uniforms in the lobby with rustic yellow casual pants and dark polo wholesale t shirts wholesale.
A yellow sign was set up in the driveway with a silhouette of a police officer with a machine gun that said, \"police check and obey police orders.
\"Singapore was chosen as the host because it has extensive experience in hosting major international events, including the summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and then Chinese President Xi Jinping --
Taiwan President Ma ying-jeou
Jeou held its first such meeting in nearly 70 years in 2015. But the first-
Once met between a sitting American. S.
The president and North Korean leaders will surpass them in this spectacular scene, a global summit scheduled to officially start on Monday night during the prime time of the United States, with ratings for strategic decisions
Conscious president
The summit will be held at 9: 00. m.
Tuesday local time9 p. m.
Monday Eastern time
Capella hotel in Sentosa on the southern coast of Singapore.
Organizers have prepared for more than 2,000 journalists, and most of them will be placed at the temporary media center for the f1 race in Singapore --pit building.
During the summit, it was said that among the city\'s celebrities, former basketball star Dennis Rodman, was one of the few people who had met both Kim and Trump, fox News host Sean hanniti
In his speech in Quebec, Trump mentioned the historical nature of the incident, calling it \"-
Time passed \"and urged Kim to seize the opportunity to\" do something very positive for his people, for himself and for his family.
\"Kim has such an opportunity, and if you look back on history, few people have had such an opportunity,\" Trump said . \".
\"He can lead the country with those great people and really make it great.
\"However, it is still unclear whether the parties are trying to reach a commitment on a tangible, trusting issue --
Instead, push for measures, or try to reach consensus on broader common principles, in order to develop a framework for future negotiations.
Kim Jong Il, the father of the current leader who died in 2011, violated international agreements in the past aimed at containing North Korea\'s nuclear and ballistic missiles by launching new weapons tests.
While the Trump administration has called for a complete, verifiable nuclear-free on a fast timeline, Pyongyang has said it wants to adopt a more gradual approach in the process
Trump said he would not be afraid to improvise.
\"I have a clear goal, but I have to say that it will be something that will always be impulsive,\" Trump said. You don\'t know.
This has not been done before.
\"While Trump\'s allies call his predictability a bargaining power to keep his opponents balanced, some White House aides have expressed concern that the president will not pay attention to the talking points in the briefing materials. While U. S.
Intelligence officials know little about Kim Jong Il and his regime, and the North Korean government has strict control over the news and information, and analysts say Kim Jong Il will certainly look at Trump\'s extensive public statements, to find clues on how to negotiate with him.
Mr. Trump told some analysts that Mr. Kim had already defeated him by simply letting him agree to the summit, noting that the regime released three US prisoners last month.
\"The haters said, \'Oh, you give him a meeting!
\"Let me take a break,\" Trump said . \".
\"Obviously, the things that have been done before have not worked.
We shouldn\'t be in this position.
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