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turning the t-shirt industry around

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
Saltycustom, redefine custom T-
Apparel consulting services have recently been launched in the shirt industry.
Media, VIPs, clients and guests are invited to saltycustom\' new-
In kailana square, the office called the college was expanded to witness the launch of the college that was considered the first timeof-its-
Good service in Malaysia.
Shannon Toro, founder and creative director, said the service was provided by a team of young, energetic and passionate clothing consultants.
Saltycustom defines clothing consultants as professionals who adhere to the code of conduct to represent the company and all its values.
They also need a good balance of soft skills, creativity, consulting skills and extraordinary startup spirit.
\"All of our consultants have been trained internally.
The House method was developed through years of trial and error and valuable experience gained in our tradeshirt industry.
\"They are professional --
Therefore, trained experts in understanding the needs and objectives of customers.
\"With this, we can deliver exactly what the customer wants in the shortest possible time, saving the customer valuable time and money,\" he said . \".
The Company believes that due to the continuous advancement of technology and the growing maturity of the market, companies that want to create their own clothing are becoming victims of information overload.
The company also believes that too much time has been wasted on a wide range of fabrics, styles, suitable for printing methods, providing fast
As the market continues to grow, clothing consultants are beginning to tackle the problem.
So if you\'re planning an event or are planning to set up a new T-
Shirt, clothing consultant is the person who went.
Quah nianking, founder and managing director, added, \"our clothing consultants are more than just sales people.
They are clothing partners and experts in our customer sales department and they are masters who help our customers maximize their revenue and return on investment.
\"After its launch, the company held a saltycustom experience party where guests could enjoy a buffet and free drinks, as well as performances by local bands, paper airplane pursuits and Entertainer Darren Ashley.
Other highlights of the evening include the sweepstakes where a winner is seen with a custom T-
Design shirts for his company and design a DIY screen printing booth for guests
Shirt as a souvenir
Saltycustom also showed their lightin-the-dark T-
Design different shirts in the dark.
Saltycustom was created in 2010 by Toh and Quah through a shared passion for happiness
High quality T-shirts.
The Company believes that it is not just providing T-
Shirts, they also believe to provide a whole T-
The shirt customization experience in the innovation industry.
Since its establishment in 2010, the company has
From the Learning room to the full partnershipfledged T-
The shirt company with 11 employees has its own office and college.
So far, saltycustom has sold more than 250,000 tons
Shirts, clients include AirAsia, Groupon, Heineken, Universal Music Malaysia, Monsoon Cup, Chatime, Barbie Live, Topman, GAP, Zalora and Astro Supersport.
The products of Saltycustom include T-shirts (
Short sleeves, long sleeves, shoulder sleeves, pockets and ringtones)
Polo shirts, microfibre jerseys and hoodie.
They offer a variety of printing methods such as screen printing, CMYK printing, glow-in-the-
Dark color, high gloss and metallic sense, among other things.
For more information, visit www. saltycustoms. com, fb.
Com/saltycustom, instagram.
Com/saltycustom on Twitter.
Com/saltycustom, email declaration @ saltyskins. com or call 03-7886 0777.
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