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u.s. political violence goes coast to coast as proud boys and antifa activists clash in new york, portland

by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
This weekend, in the confrontation involving Proud Boys and anti-fascist elements, street beatings and melees-
The movement of ideological opposition not only condoned political violence, but also carried out violence regularly on opponents.
Police in New York and Portland, Oregon, are investigating the virus videos of the attacks, but have not accused the two groups.
However, the Democratic mayor, governor and attorney general of New York accused the Proud Boys of inciting the first violence of the weekend. (
No representative of the proud boy could be reached immediately. )
Gavin mackinnes created the Proud Boys team as a nationalist men\'s club in 2016, planning to be at the Metropolitan Republican Club that night on \"deep national socialists\" and \"Western values\"
The common theme of his team.
After the speech, about 20 Proud Boys came out of the club and found a group of protesters of the same size waiting to face them, including anti-fascist elements seen in mobile video.
While anti-fascist elements or \"anti-fascist\" activists are more loosely organized than well-organized, uniformed Proud Boys, both groups see each other as dangerous to the United StatesS.
To safeguard their views on violence.
McGinis later told Huffington Post, recalling the confrontation, \"I recognized one\" anti-fascist.
\"He stole the hat of a proud boy, Maga, and was immediately transferred.
Mobile video shows an unidentified victim twisting his body on the sidewalk, with several men kicking him in turn, and at least a dozen proud boys in uniform polo wholesale t shirts wholesale screaming with all sorts of slurs.
The video ended when police rushed in to disperse the standoff.
Police in New York say the victim refused treatment but spoke with investigators and three were charged with the attack.
However, the New York Times reported that all three were against each other.
The fascist organization, rather than the proud boy, led to confusion and received information from the top of the state Democratic Party who asked for more investigation.
The South Poverty Law Center, which considers the proud boy to be an extremist group, wrote that its members participated in the event
The right-headed crew \"may also be involved in the attack captured in the video.
The next night, on the other side of the country, a right-wing person reported the proud boy
Cross the wings of downtown Portland into their ideological opponents.
Portland, which has long clashed between far left and far right, has been swallowed up by black life for two weeks to protest the deadly police shooting on September.
These protests, in turn, triggered the right wing.
Last weekend, video showed demonstrators blocking traffic and beating cars of passing drivers.
So, on Saturday night, a conservative organization organized a \"rapid march of law and order \"--
Walk to the city center square, where a monument has been set up for police shooting victim Patrick kimons.
\"We have Proud Boys in charge of safety,\" an organizer said in a Facebook parade live . \".
Predictably, the demonstrators came to the square and found it crowded with anti-demonstrators shouting \"black life is important.
The local anti-fascist organization was also on site.
Tweet from the Fourth Avenue. The right-
The wing walker stopped on the other side of the street and waved to you. S.
Flag and shout-
\"All life is important\" and \"America, America!
And finally a threat.
\"Respect the memorial and vigil that is happening there,\" said a man with a speaker in hand, as shown in one of several live Facebook videos.
\"But what you have to do if they meet the street.
\"Portland police have apparently been looking forward to trouble and managed to dissuade them for about half an hour by tactical gear lined up on the street.
But things started after sunset.
Anti-Fascist elements may have caused violence, according to Freedom reporter Mike Bivins, who recorded the subsequent scuffle on Twitter.
When the Proud Boys and companies left, one of them burned an American flag, causing them to return.
Bivins wrote that another anti-fascist then doused the entire group with pepper spray.
Since then, the scene has turned into an exponential version of the Manhattan attack.
Although it is difficult to judge who is in the mobile video, a man walks out of the red ocean, puts on the hat of \"Make America Great Again\" and faces someone in the opposite crowd.
Then all sorts of fights and scuffles began, with some scrambling to cross the street, slamming into the window, or falling down on the sidewalk in a kick.
A man in a camouflage suit followed the melee and sprayed liquid into the crowd.
Finally, an armored police officer stood up and fired foam bullets on the sidewalk to disperse the fighters.
In a statement sent to The Washington Post on Facebook, a representative of the Patriot Prayer organization, he said that most people in the melee are not members, but \"the people who gathered with us when we marched \". ”“The Tyranny.
\"With regard to social justice and its armed forces in black, masked law enforcers are coming to an end,\" the statement continued . \".
\"The police station realized that people were attacked during today\'s demonstrations,\" police later wrote in a statement . \".
They had not arrested anyone as of Sunday morning, but like their counterparts in New York, they continued to investigate a large number of amateur footage.
The police not only found pepper spray in the crowd, but also found \"hard-
\"Knitted gloves, guns, batons and knives,\" the police wrote . \"
Not to mention you. S.
The flagpole turned into a club.
The police did not specify which weapons belonged to which group.
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