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u.s. speed skaters ditch new under armour skinsuits

by:QiMeng     2019-08-31
Speed skating is connected under armor to develop a new high
The tech speed skating skin suit, which will revolutionize the sport at the Sochi Olympics, has a vision of gold, silver and bronze.
The result is a complete failure.
Halfway through a winter game, so far American skaters have gone bankrupt and everyone is back on their suits for the World Cup season and the United StatesS.
The Olympic Games were held in December.
Of course, embarrassing changes can be traced back to a process full of secrets and suspicious decisions --
All of this came back to bite America. S.
The show on the biggest stage of sports.
\"There are still some concerns,\" the U. S.
Coach Matt Coleman said Saturday morning after training that Under Armour was still in a hurry to revise the old suit in order to comply with IOC regulations on the sponsorship logo.
\"We\'re basically thinking about what our best choices are.
\"What\'s going on with this?
Kevin Hayley, senior deputy
The president of Under Armour innovation has set a timetable for the Associated Press, which is basically conducted behind closed doors.
The company worked with Lockheed Martin to handle some of the tests, which added a bit of a conspiracy to the testing process.
The aerospace and defense giants analyzed these suits using the process of connecting sensors to the body, generating what Harry called \"incredible amount of data \".
From then on, the wind began to blow armor.
Use six different variations to test new sets
Human model of size.
It is understandable that athletes are excited to see that so many smart people are trying to get them to wear a less resistant suit that will make them go faster than ever before.
\"These people
Says Patrick Mick, a skater.
According to Haley, Armour\'s deal with the United StatesS.
The speed skating requires three sets of clothes for each Olympic athlete on January.
This is where things start to go wrong.
Skaters were involved in the development throughout the process: trying on a suit, using it in training, providing advice and feedback.
But America seems to be most concerned about secrecy. S.
Fear that other countries will attack their technology if the lawsuit comes too early.
The final version was completed about six weeks before the opening ceremony, which meant that no one had a chance to play before the biggest game of their lives.
\"It\'s not like we opened a package and suddenly there\'s a new suit that we \'ve never seen before,\" Meek said . \".
\"I think we\'re playing a game that tries to hide technology.
This is not a bad thing;
I think this is a very smart thing.
\"Americans bet that any unfamiliarity and quirkiness of the new suit will be overcome by the amazing times it produces.
It turned out to be a bet to lose money.
In the first six games of the Adler ArenaS.
The skaters scored better than the seventh. Among the big-
Two names.
Time gold medalist Shani Davis and actress Heather Richardson and Brittany Bowie.
When Under touted \"Mach 39\" as \"the fastest speed skating suit in the world --
Before the Olympic Games, skaters spray Party routes with due diligence
Have questions about this dress.
Some people complain that it is too tight to limit their breathing.
The person who designed the new suit for the Dutch team said that he had tried some elements in the American version and found that they did not produce any obvious improvements;
In fact, he thinks a feature might slow them down.
After the first four games in Sochi, it was clear that there was a problem within the team, although the Americans did not necessarily win a medal in any of the games.
For Wednesday\'s man 1,000 m, an American manS. skater —
Haley won\'t say who it is.
The version of this new suit is slightly different, basically for testing purposes.
There is no obvious improvement in time.
Davis finished his eighth-place effort to become the first men\'s speed skater to win the same event three times in a row.
On Thursday, Richardson and Bowie took even more desperate measures in the women\'s 1,000-meter race.
The vent on the back of Richardson\'s suit was covered.
Similarly, there is no obvious improvement, Richardson won seventh and eighth place in the World Cup season.
As there was no competition in Friday\'s presidential election, Americans thought it was enough.
They got permission from the International Skating Federation to go back to the armor they used before Mach 39.
This is a huge blow to the United States. S.
Speed skating, perhaps worse after its magnificent claim under armor.
\"This is marketing, and people want to make their products stand out,\" Kooreman said . \".
\"When you don\'t meet that expectation, you throw it back very harshly.
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