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Under Armour and Oakley have an eye on golfers

by:QiMeng     2019-08-31
As huge as it is in sports, Under Armour seems to sell everything, including sunglasses --
There are some competitors in the market, including another giant, Oakley.
Under Armour is talking about performance, and now the company also says it can provide some help after you finish a round of golf.
With the slogan \"look better and play better\", the company\'s tuned sunglasses have been tuned to resume the tracking of the glasses.
Dylan Coates, a marketing partner, explains
Coordinator of EyeKing: \"tuning is part of our performance and recovery system.
The second part is the recovery line.
They have a blue color.
This is to filter out harmful blue light and filter in useful blue light.
The Under Armour focuses on the movement of the big recovery aspect.
This is the glasses you wear after you have finished playing and really help your eyes recover.
You don\'t realize how many eyes you use.
\"We are always thinking, \'How can we make our athletes better in sports, \'but when they finish the game, we are also thinking, \"What can we do to help them have to perform better next time\", you can wear glasses at any time, they have a pair of regular sunglasses and everything you need.
Once you put them on, you will have a feeling of peace.
\"So how good are they ? \" Our golf sunglasses are now number one. 1-
\"Sunglasses are sold at the PGA supermarket,\" Coates said . \".
\"Do I think this is a big deal? I think this is the future of sports --
24/7. we got it for you.
\"Oak took another step with its Mercenary soldier sunglasses.
The company promises that they are \"rooted in performance and packaged in a new method of Motion design. ”The double-
The bridge architecture includes a larger
Round lens shape.
The glasses also feature Prizm technology and feature contact lenses and temples.
According to the company, the new Oakley apparel collection \"features a strategic stretch area, performance fabrics and breathability centered on the science of swing.
Youth Program, an organization based in the United StatesS.
Hope to bring its project to Canada as early as this spring.
The idea is to give the kids a chance to play golf at an excellent price.
Adam Haick, CEO of youth stadium, explained: \"It\'s all for access, and it\'s a golf way that makes it affordable for young people.
We subsidize one round of golf at the public golf course, so the kids pay $5 or less per round.
We raised money to subsidize the golf course.
We are about to bring this project to Canada, where there is a lot of interest.
\"In 2006, young people started studying in Northern California and in 2014.
Last year, in nearly 30,000 golf courses across the United States, its membership increased from less than 50,000 to nearly 1,000. S.
Young golfers join a regional Golf Association to get an obstacle, which is the way to track the rounds.
A nominal membership fee is also paid.
\"It\'s also huge for the golf course,\" says Haick.
\"We found that about half of the rounds of young people on the course had an adult, so it was the dusk rate or food and drink ingredients for the golf course.
This is good for the whole industry. ” TecTecTec!
Founder/Director of Renan Lore successfully sold range finder online;
In fact, this is a best seller.
Engineer Lore found that high supply for consumers
Only by selling online can it be possible to buy high quality goods at an amazing price.
It also distinguishes between TecTecTec!
Other models in the crowded market
Company entry-
Retail price of Level model (VPro500) is $149S.
The best-
Range finder has been sold online since 2016. “It’s a high-
\"The high quality range finder is also an unbeatable price point,\" Lore said . \".
\"Our business model is different because we sell directly, so we don\'t have a sales representative, no wholesalers, and no distributors.
That accounts for half of the profit margin.
That\'s why we are 30 to 50 cents cheaper than others.
\"We provide the best customer service in the industry.
Whenever a customer contacts us, we want to make sure the customer is happy.
Happy customers will talk to his friends;
That\'s how we sell.
\"Ult of TecTecTec-
The accuracy of X ($249) caused a stir.
Lore said: \"It is the most accurate range finder in the market today with an accuracy of 0. 3 yards.
Everyone else has the accuracy of a yard.
We adapt according to the situation outside.
When someone says, \"my range finder has the precision of a yard,\" Well, it was sunny, with a white flag and everything was perfect.
If it rains, there is fog, early in the morning, in the evening, the situation is different, the accuracy drops very fast.
This is different. We use technology that adapts to the conditions.
The technology comes from a hunting scout. we’re also No.
1 Hunter range finder on Amazon.
You can find a probe with two.
On Amazon or.
One of the highlights of the week is seeing John Daley sing in the Big Horn
For his honor at the nearby Owl.
Daley, accompanied by a guitarist, performed his country songs and was hit hard.
A large cold can of Daley\'s drink was distributed to the party\'s guests, grabbing it and sipping it.
. . . . . . The PGA exhibition attracted more than 7,500 PGA professionals from all over the world.
Top Five Countries (countries outside the United States)S.
) The representative is Canada, United StatesK.
Korea, Japan and China.
. . . . . . Important industry announcements and product introductions include the title teacher\'s new Pro V1 ball
Looks like Scotty Cameron putter and Vokey wedge;
G4 10 driver/Woods of PING;
Flash Driver for Caraway
Highway driver in Cobra
Odyssey stroke lab putt
Bridgestone\'s E12 ball
There is also the new ST190 Woods and JPX919 hot metal Pro iron from Mizuno.
. . . . . . Among the golf celebrities at hand this week: teachers such as Greg Norman, Brad farkerson, Luke Donald, Paula Cremer, Caria Weber, Brooke Henderson and Nancy, and Hank Haney and David leadham.
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