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under armour taking cues from lululemon

by:QiMeng     2019-08-31
Company Xia Jia
Clubs founded by football players have long attracted hardcore players, most of them men.
Once the selling point has become an obstacle.
To maintain the rapid growth of annual sales doubling since its launch in 2005, the company is moving into fashion and softening the brand to win more women.
On Saturday, Under Armour will open a test store in his home city of Baltimore, which has got rid of the company\'s popular lockers --
Natural light, pleasant color and 10 times the room atmosphere of the mannequin.
Call it propaganda for the Lumont crowd.
Outreach to women is part of an effort to go beyond performance clothing and become the next Nike Companyor Adidas AG.
\"This is a very masculine shop, very dark and very heavy,\" said Henry Stafford, senior vice president in charge of overseeing the new concept.
The store will \"be more balanced in getting our male and female consumers excited.
\"Like other brands, Under Armour may take some clues to lulululemmon Athletica Inc. The Vancouver-
Basic manufacturers of expensive exercises
Wear\'s sales doubled every two years, featuring a women-based yoga studio. Gap Inc.
A chain called Athleta has been launched with its own yoga classes and a female atmosphere.
Foot Locker Company
In addition, it has been working on how to re-create its women\'s chain \"women\'s foot lock\" in Lulu\'s mold \".
\"I can\'t lie,\" he said in an interview. That was us.
\"Under Armour is moving towards a goal of more than $2 billion (U. S. )
Sales this year doubled from 2010.
However, sales in its $0. 4 billion women\'s business last year were less than half of men\'s sales, although the women\'s sportswear category is around the U. S. S.
According to the NPD Group.
Nathan Brown, assistant portfolio manager at Overland Park, Kansas, said: \"The overall view is bad for women . \"
Headquartered in waldel and Reed Finance
The third under armor.
Maximum holder of 6.
7 million shares.
\"It\'s interesting that the proportion of women in the company continues to grow every year,\" he said . \".
\"If the product is so bad and growing faster than the base business, think about whether they actually do the product well?
Brown said: \"under\'s women\'s clothing has actually improved its fit and look.
The problem now is for more women to see the brand.
This is where the new store and the second location may help later this year.
The vast majority of Under Armour\'s products are sold in big boxes like Dick\'s Sporting Goods Company.
Sports Authority
These are not common destinations for women, 100 export sites for Armour and 5 completeprice stores.
In addition to attracting women, the new store design may help Under Armour find a way out in the other two markets it is trying to open up: cities and footwear.
Selling most of your products in suburban sporting goods stores means less representative in urban markets such as New York.
In addition to being a market leader in niche categories like football shoes, it has not made much progress in sports shoes.
The new store will put the shoes in the center of the stage.
\"We\'re not going to go too fast, but at the same time, our record on the brand is that when something works, we\'re able to build on that formula and expand quickly, \"said Stafford.
\"This is what we prepared.
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