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unpopular japan pm scores with parting shot

by:QiMeng     2019-09-28
TOKYO (Reuters)-
Outgoing Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda is unpopular with voters
The shirt with his Hoffey parting lens is now popular.
At a national television news conference that suddenly announced his resignation on Monday, Fukuda was criticized by a reporter for his lack of care for his work.
\"I can look at myself objectively.
\"I\'m not like you,\" he snapped.
The moment of anger surprised many voters as Fukuda kept his grumpy temper as a leader.
Comments from Internet chat rooms gave birth to T-
Shirt with the words \"I\'m not like you\", mug or even baby climbing suit.
\"We can\'t keep up with orders,\" said Tomohiro Miyake, president of online store club T, who was too busy to calculate sales, but added
The shirt is about to become the best shirt in his company. selling ever.
Some voters think that Fukuda sounds arrogant, while others think that it is reported that Fukuda did not tell his wife about his resignation, but only showed his human nature.
\"It was his last press conference, so he let his emotions slip away,\" said fushi Fukada, a 56-year-old civil servant.
\"Sometimes I even want to say \'I am not like you\' to people \'.
\"A Mobile website provides users with the opportunity to create their own phrase variants.
\"I like my fried eggs with soy sauce.
One said, \"I\'m not like you . \"
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