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valuation a little tight for polo ralph lauren

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
Stores and other stores (
Not including Macy\'s and Dillard)
According to our analysis, the stock price of Polo Ralph Lauren is estimated to be about 25%.
Ralph Lauren\'s revenue in this business segment grew from $0. 956 billion in 2005 to about $2 billion in 2009, with an annual growth rate of about 15%.
The company competes with senior apparel and accessories players such as coaches, Liz kleben and Ann Taylor.
As the business focuses more on direct sales channels to customers, we expect sales to decline through its specialty stores and other stores.
The historical growth of specialty stores and other sales growth in this area mainly came from the acquisition of Franchises in Japan in 2007.
Expand the international market.
Percentage of wholesale income (
Including income from Macy\'s and Dillard\'s)
Ralph Lauren\'s revenue in this business segment grew from 50% to 74% in 2005. 2010.
We expect that as franchising becomes part of the retail business and shifts to direct operations, revenue from the company\'s specialty and other department stores will decreaseto-
Consumer business
While we expect revenue from Ralph Lauren\'s specialty stores and other department stores to gradually drop to $1.
74 billion Trefis members predict that revenue will increase to $2 by the end of our forecast period. 2 billion.
Members estimate that the price of RL shares is estimated to have risen by 6%.
Currently, our stock price for Polo Ralph Lauren is estimated at $111, down from the current market price of about $131.
Until 2009, Polo Ralph Lauren classified the newly acquired franchise as part of the wholesale business.
This is part of a substantial increase in revenue from specialty stores and other department stores in 2005 --
2009 because the company acquired a company controlled by a licensed party in Japan.
However, starting at 2010, the company began reporting these acquisitions under the retail business, so we expect revenue from specialty stores and other department stores to grow at a slower rate than ever. Direct attention-to-
Over the past few years, Polo Ralph Lauren has focused more and more on developing its direct sales business. to-
Consumers make this their primary strategic goal.
With aggressive expansion plans in the international market, we believe the company will spend more and more resources on direct channels in the future.
This will put downward pressure on future revenue for specialty stores and other department stores.
Our complete analysis of the Polo Ralph stock is here. Like our chart?
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