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vans removes \'drunken indian\' t-shirt from shelves after canadian petition

by:QiMeng     2019-09-19
\"This image is not needed and very harmful.
\"Vans apparel has stopped selling T-
A shirt showing a totem pole made of a beer can, for fear that it will fuel the stereotype of \"drunken Indians.
Chad giladin, the Metis from Vancouver, has initiated change.
An organization petition calling on retailers to remove the \"Wizard totem\" shirt.
He is also seeking a formal apology from the company.
\"This image is unnecessary and very harmful,\" Girardin wrote . \".
\"By making this shirt van, the culture of the locals revolves around alcohol, and all \'India\' are drunkards,\" the petition wrote . \".
Three weeks later, it gathered more than 15,000 supporters.
Vans react to T-
And apologized through its Facebook page.
\"Please understand that we have never intended to create negative emotions, and we sincerely apologize for any offense you feel with this ball,\" it said . \".
However, Girardin encouraged people to continue sharing the petition because he wanted to apologize and act on a larger scale.
\"I would like to see a change in policy when their costumes contain national culture,\" he wrote . \".
\"I would like to see a cultural advisor who will let them know this if I receive a response from them.
But just because T-
Shirts are no longer available on the Vans website, which does not mean it cannot be found elsewhere.
The same shirt was sold on websites such as North Latitude 35, ShopNomads and eBay on Monday.
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