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vertu rings till for british-made luxury goods

by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
Crokham Church (Reuters)-
Along a winding British Lane, straight out of the background of the TV series, a factory that is as rare today as the products it produces --
\"Made in Britain\" luxury goods.
Beyonce, Donald Trump, and Jean Todd, Ferrari\'s chief executive, are the owners of the gem
Mobile phone with shell assembled in the laboratory-
Coat artisans and retail for up to 270,000 euros (185,000 pounds)a pop.
With many established luxury companies moving production to cheaper factories in Eastern Europe and the Far East, the manufacturing promise of luxury mobile group Vertu here stands out.
In addition, the Finnish telecom giant Nokia is behind the operation.
\"It doesn\'t matter to leave the UK,\" Vertu President Alberto Torres told Reuters . \".
\"Many brands are moving overseas, but for us, the quality and ability to integrate all our businesses together is more important than the manufacturing price.
While lobbyists in their respective countries have been promoting \"Made in Italy\" and \"Made in France\" for decades, \"made in Britain\" goods lack enough voice defenders, because the country\'s manufacturing sector declined in 1990 and 1980.
Just in the third month of this year, Burberry closed a factory in Treorchy, Wales, which produced polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and transferred production to cheaper production bases in Poland and Hong Kong.
The rise of London as the capital of international finance and the playground for Russian and Middle Eastern tourists has boosted the image and demand of British luxury brands.
The problem, executives say, is that it\'s hard for them to find a manufacturer now.
\"We want to make more products in the UK because the brand is there, but we can\'t because the art has disappeared.
Even if you want to, you can\'t find someone with this skill, \"said a fashion executive with good skills.
British luxury brands do not want to be named.
There are several survivors, the executive said.
She noticed Irish linen mills and raincoats manufacturers such as cashmere mills in Scotland, Cooper in Manchester and stolbrand --
In the 19 th century, a city of wealth was built by factory owners and textile workers.
Pringle saw some success under the guidance of designer Claire wait Keller as it returned to the root in the shape of its hand
A knitting factory in Holick, Scotland.
Heather Gray cable knit sweater produced there for £ 795 pounds ($1,600)
Each was sold out last winter, and Pringle\'s staff did not weave fast enough to fill out the waiting list.
However, the UK is also developing a 21-
Century luxury comes partly from its status as a melting pot of international talent.
Vertu is a more obvious example of the UK\'s reshaping of luxury manufacturing, allowing it to play a bigger role in the consumption habits of the world\'s richest people.
These high net worth individuals hold assets worth $32.
According to Cap Gemini/Merrill Lynch 7 trillion world wealth report, it was 2007 last year.
At the Vertu seminar, which opened on 1998, 350 workers from different countries such as Yugoslavia, Cameroon and China gathered their skills to produce enough powerful mobile phones, collided with a speeding Porsche.
In addition to wrapping them in diamonds, rubies, Sapphire and platinum.
\"We want to be known for craftsmanship, not just placing diamonds on mobile phones,\" said Spanish-Venezuelan Fernando Torres . \".
\"The UK is one of the places to attract top international designers.
There is a tradition of high quality in manufacturing.
Raw materials for making mobile phones --
From gem to top
European leather grade
It\'s the van.
They ship the goods to the best countries in the United States, Europe, China, Russia, India and London.
Well-known department stores.
It will take up to three years.
Able to fully assemble Vertu\'s iconic phone, sparkled with gems, in hand like a regular Nokia phone.
Nokia will not release Vertu\'s revenue, but said its operating margin in 2006 was 7% higher than the parent company.
Vertu\'s production grew 140% last year.
China\'s economy is expected to grow by more than 100% this year.
Deputy Secretary General Guy Salte
Walpole, chairman of the British luxury Association, believes that Vertu\'s decision to retain its business in the UK is a boon to the industry.
\"The entire UK luxury industry has never been as dynamic and creative as it is now,\" Salter said . \"
\"Vertu\'s obsession with quality is a welcome sign that luxury brands are rediscovering the importance customers place on authenticity.
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