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voices: roots uniforms at sick kids

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
Roots designed new uniforms for hospital nurses and staff for sick children, including casual pants and fleece jackets.
We ask what you think of them.
That\'s what you have to say.
Does Roots donate money to the hospital and the rebate will become the official supplier of the hospital?
I am more concerned about being looked after by qualified staff than being stylishly dressed.
If the doctor can keep me healthy, he can take care of me in ripped jeans.
New uniform not liked by Becker, EtobicokeI.
They look sloppy and unprofessional.
Also, they are not designed for doctors and nurses of the older generation.
Finally, because they look a lot like street clothes, it\'s hard to say who is a nurse and who is a parent.
Louise Amm, somtosorry, but I don\'t think these uniforms look more professional than jeans and T-shirtsshirt.
You don\'t know if they are nurses or cleaners except for the signs of sick children.
I think I prefer scrub to these.
St. Mary, Ontario.
I really don\'t know how these uniforms distinguish nurses from other staff.
They did not mean to say \"nurse.
They look like everyday clothes and can be seen by anyone entering the hospital.
Nicole Anstie of Richmond Healy thinks \"uniform\" is very unprofessional.
They look like a group of high school students.
Uniforms are designed to convey the professional spirit and provide assistance on behalf of the company.
No matter what happened to the good times of the past, when can you tell the nurse to be a nurse and the doctor to be a doctor?
Now the nurses look like the kids we\'re going to school.
The uniform was too loose and I felt disrespectful of their profession.
We need to go back to the most basic questions.
Debbie Schopp, thornhill is a good idea.
It is hoped that other hospitals in Ontario will follow suit.
Carl Balcom of OttawaI has lived and worked in Houston for 9 years.
The new design looks like a fashion fit for an amusement park.
I don\'t advocate the dry white clothes of my time, but there must be a happy medium between the dry white clothes and the new designs.
Create a comfortable uniform that looks professional.
Donna finkbena, Houston, TX, is an emergency room nurse who loves the talent and style in my uniform and I am disappointed with the new uniform for sick children.
The cargo pants are great, but the rest look neither young nor professional.
18-seems like no problem. year-
Elderly people except most nurses (
Our average age is 45! )
This look will certainly not be considered outstanding.
Sue Kosen, Huntsville, Ontario
If people wearing them go hiking, the work of these roots looks great.
If I were a patient, they wouldn\'t instill any confidence in me.
Marvin Donaldson, Brighton, Ontario
What are you thinking?
I was a camp nurse in the summer.
These \"uniforms\" look more like clothes worn by camp counselors.
I don\'t like it at all.
A model in open-footed sandals is just looking for a needle stick to hurt or the body liquid to spill from her bare legs.
Nothing is easier to wash than scrub, trust me, I have washed almost all the stains.
These new \"uniforms\" are not like a stain proof for me or anything like a uniform.
I just hope the nurses will be comfortable wearing these new clothes.
With a long and glorious tradition of uniform, Leslie ingries, a care professional at torento, more and more hospitals wear polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and scrubs for nurses, this daily erosion often makes it difficult for nurses to distinguish from cleaners and housekeeping staff.
I feel like it\'s a tragedy because the traditional uniform is smart, making it easy for nurses to be identified by patients and the public and giving nurses some kind of dignity that you can\'t get from a polo shirt.
Stephanie Kinney, the BramptonThe uniform is bad and unprofessional.
The waiters and waitresses look beautiful.
Nurses should get better.
After looking at the new uniforms, I don\'t think they look professional.
In the past days, there must be a middle ground between the stiff starched uniform and the new uniform\'s too casual/sloppy look.
Most of the time our nurses look good, but some of them look almost messy and take leisure to a whole new level.
Jenny Robinson, Milton, Ont. Very cool.
I hope TTC will do something like this and get rid of 80 burgundy and gray.
Tony Fay, Toronto, as a nurse, there is no identifiable use for the new uniform at all.
White should be a uniform color.
The new uniform presented in today\'s newspaper looks like a casual dress, or as one reader said, a casual dress.
I am not professional with them at all.
These uniforms are for one thing: a picnic in the park.
Oh, Where\'s the care?
I have a pair of pajamas that look smarter than any one.
Alice Campbell, the root of the North Bay?
The concept is interesting but I don\'t like delivery.
For me, the uniform is still not fulfilling the purpose of making the nurse stand out from the crowd.
Personally, I think they don\'t look professional, but they may be less threatening to the customer base.
Robertson Jewitt, Fort Coe, Ontario.
Made in Canada, cotton, 3/4-length sleeves.
Forget everything else.
Casual pants are a good idea.
We want to know who the nurse is.
Marjory McLaughlin of hope harbor.
The scrub looks better.
Maybe you can keep the logo vest/wool for those long cold night shifts, but other than that, the series is not inspiring.
Do all the nurses who are sick agree?
Cindy lugsten in Kampala, Uganda, thinks this is a good idea.
Especially working with children, which may make them more comfortable with the surroundings.
I myself hate that frustrating environment in the hospital.
Adding more colors won\'t hurt.
Sarah Grech, shortoi was very disappointed to see the new root uniform.
What are they thinking?
These roots are designed to have their own location, but not in a hospital setting.
The projects selected lack identity and credibility.
I want to know what the Sick Children\'s Hospital wants people to think about?
Yes, this uniform gives them the identity of the same team, but what team?
Baseball team?
Carol Robichaud, MississaugaI, thinks the new uniform for nurses at Sick Children\'s Hospital is a good idea.
What critics have not resolved is that this is being implemented at the Children\'s Hospital and the children may be afraid if the nurses are dressed too formally.
The casual and comfortable look is suitable for the hospital, Roots is a good brand standing behind their name.
Jennifer Cass, wellland, Ont
In my opinion, the casual \"uniform\" eliminates all the efforts of nurses to improve their professional image.
Like teachers, nurses are an underrated profession, putting them on street clothes and looking like equipment from sweatshops will set them back further.
Suzanne Lynch, shortoi, believes that \"uniform\" is not uniform at all from a personal point of view.
The idea of a uniform is to have the staff take a look at it throughout the department, etc.
Having said that, as a mother who has been to the hospital for all three children, the new root \"gear\" will make it easier for the staff to approach and be approached by my 6-year-
She is old compared to wearing some prim and proper uniform and/or surgical scrubs that scared her in the past.
I believe the new nurse uniform is too casual.
In addition to visiting guests of patients, how do you distinguish nurses?
Tolentoi thinks these new uniforms are great.
Think about how comfortable the little guys in these uniforms will feel because they don\'t look like they have anything to do with medical care.
Not to mention the wearer of these uniforms.
Very, very, very good.
Valerie Arnold, OshawaI loves this new look and I\'m glad it\'s not a statutory look.
The biggest problem with any Roots clothing is that it is designed for a younger, slimmer physique.
People who gain a little weight may find that their clothes are not very suitable for them.
Hope Roots can solve this problem.
Carol Beaton, Chesley, Ont.
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