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wal-mart going upscale?

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
PLANO, Texas-WalmartWal-Mart Stores Ltd. (WMT)
To attract wealthy shoppers, it overcomes the roots of the countryside and reduces the image of scale, but executives acknowledge that,
Wealthy consumers come here just to buy cheap groceries and not to buy other items.
To be the most daring to target high-end shoppers, the country\'s largest retailer will open a new store this week to expand its
High-end electronics, more fine jewelry, hundreds of wines up to $500 a bottle, and even a sushi shop. Wal-
Mart says it will not copy this format elsewhere.
But if plasma TVs, microbreweries and premium balsamic vinegar are sold in Plano, these products can be added to stores in other affluent communities.
Retail experts say nearly half of American households shop at Wal-Mart.
Go to the supermarket at least once a week.
The retail giant\'s profits are drawing to a close, they say.
Consumers who like their goals must be attracted (TGT)and Costco (COST)but not Wal-Mart.
About $3,700. S. stores, Wal-
The market is nearing saturation, and analysts say future growth depends on boosting sales by providing a better shopping experience.
The company is renovating 1,800 stores because many old ones look a little tired. Wal-
Wal-Mart\'s profits have been rising, but not as fast as Wall Street expected.
Store sales, those that open for at least one year, grew faster in 2005 with smaller but more fashionable target companiesWal-
Wal-Mart shares have fallen about 20% in the past two years, and target shares have risen about. Wal-
Wal-Mart shares rose 35 cents to $48 on Tuesday. 11, in a 52-
The weekly range of $42. 31 to $51. 46.
Analysts say that despite the low price,
It is believed that Wal-Mart\'s goods are of low quality, which makes consumers who can afford better goods discouraged.
\"The challenge they face is value and upper class.
The definition of value by the end consumer is different from that of the middle consumer
Income shoppers, \"said Patricia Edwards, who helped manage the retail funds of Wentworth, Houser and viorridge investment advisers.
\"If it\'s just the price, they\'ll have office coffee instead of going to Starbucks.
\"In recent months, some Wal-Mart
Marts began selling premium bedsand-
New Metro Line 7 and borderless clothing series-
All of this is highlighted in the new store. Wal-
Mart listened to the focus group of \"selective shoppers --
Company definition of wealthy customers
John Murphy, regional general manager, said when designing the store.
\"Upscale customers are shopping in our store,\" Murphy said . \".
\"Are they interested in everything we offer? No.
This is a test shop.
Can we jump to where they are interested in the rest of the store?
Walmart, says Murphy.
Wal-Mart wants to prove this to affluent consumers, which will help convince suppliers who are unwilling to sell goods there.
Target has successfully sold a range of designer products.
Don Gher, an analyst at coolstream Capital Management, said that it only started to move to the high end a few years after the target, and at Wal-Mart, this will not happen soon. Mart either.
At the same time, he also said that stores must prevent too much change, which may alienate core customers.
Wal-Mart, predicted by Gher
Wal-Mart will sell high successfully
Selling electronics to high-end consumers, but selling clothing to them will be more difficult.
\"Fashion is changeable,\" he said . \"
The new store opened on Wednesday covers an area of 217,000 square feet, about 20,000 square feet from the normal super center.
It is located opposite a Super Target and you can see Costco from the parking lot.
Walmart in blue and gray
Wal-Mart gave two seats outside-tone brick.
There are wooden floors and wide aisles.
Lower shelves to reduce confusion.
Even employees look different in trousers and navy polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, not blue overalls.
The lack of this new store is equally notable.
Stores don\'t sell guns.
There is much less space for lawn and garden, fishing, camping and car products.
\"This customer told us that they didn\'t do it themselves,\" said Ryan Lincks, project manager at the store . \".
\"They don\'t change oil themselves.
\"But there are rows in the store.
There are several HD TVs that cost more than $2,000, plus more expensive bikes and even an extended yoga area.
It has an expanded baby clothes area, a card and book area with cherries
Complete the wooden rack and arched halogen lights and luggage at checkout --
Wal-Mart\'s firstMart.
Hungry shoppers will look for McDonald\'s in vain.
Instead, it is an Italian espresso bar with a sandwich menu and free wireless Internet access.
Cosmetics and pharmacies are not placed at the very end of the store;
They are next to food and wine because female customers in the focus group say they want to do so for convenience and quickness.
The garment area has its own cash register and a more independent fitting room. But no layoffs.
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