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we need to raise our voice against abuse: neeta lulla - times of india

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
This season Neeta Lulla is always inspired by the power of women, telling the story of women as flowers.
Her new collection, SheIsMe, presented earlier today at Lakme Fashion Week, shows her ethereal beauty and tenderness, but also the inherent tenacity in the face of abuse.
Neeta\'s T-stage performance includes a powerful dance recital (
The fusion of Chinese soldiers and cassack
Actors and entrepreneurs
Pernia Qureshi conveyed a social message against the abuse of women and further moved to the successful women of all walks of life, taking the ramp.
Designers and politicians Shaina NC, Radha Kapoor of Yes Bank, celebrity nutritionist, Pooja makmak, rubles Nagi and award winning documentary filmer and other looming characters Vibha Bakshi
The front row of a packed house is owned by Smita Thackeray, Juhi Chawla, Swara Bhaskar, Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani, po Maria goletti and alshad valsi, Manas Scott, hibani kashiap, Eli Afram, hibani dandkar abdulella Demetriades, rakulpreet, Sunny Singh and Sana Khan, just to name a few.
Cherry blossoms are a symbol of the passion and power of women in Chinese culture, and together with osmanthus constitute the central theme of the series, which is associated with the love and sexy nature of women.
The lace-flexed double silhouette and structured style balanced with the curtains show a contrast to the female character.
In modern society, she also plays a traditional male role outside the family, her costume is her armor, conversations with her mental state, help her confidently transition to the countless roles she has played in her life.
Neeta has a wealth of expertise in printing and decoration, from elegant evening dresses to charming holiday bridal costumes, throughout the collection.
As a pioneer in Indian holiday costumes, this season she brings up tops and off with anarkalis, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale as crop-
Shoulder shirt casual with printed trousers and embroidered lehengas as the bride\'s avant-garde friend, while body clothes and cloaks are ideal for those who have the desire to wander.
The fabric is soft and sturdy, paired with crepes, tulle and lace, and perfectly combines Edward\'s cut, double silhouette and feminine style.
For example, jackets and tops are cropped on bias, which adds an extra swing to the steps, and in a new style the pants become sexy with a suspended cloth.
The beautiful color palette changes from fresh and flowers in pink, wild rose, olive green, orange, etc. to dark colors in dry soil.
When it comes to Neeta\'s series, \"The whole series is about a woman\'s character.
You will see the vibrant transition of cherry blossoms and osmanthus to the colors of dry flowers and broken Mother Earth.
Just as these magnificent wonders of nature react to tenderness and care, but also to the extent that they are easily overlooked and disappear, the woman\'s spirit begins to wither under any physical or emotional abuse.
We need to improve our voice.
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