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\'We would one day succeed in including polo as an Olympic sport\'

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
Polo is played in 80 countries, and the number itself shows that Polo is a sport that many people love and love;
This figure is much larger than some sports at the Olympic Games.
It is painful that although equestrian is an Olympic sport, polo is fighting for its redevelopment. entry.
Of course, polo is a special sport, in addition to athletes, it also includes horses, holding events like polo at the Olympic Games requires not only a sports field, but also stable facilities for horses.
Therefore, the host country of the Olympic Games always tends to cancel the event, which requires a lot of money for infrastructure.
However, we do not lack effort and one day we will succeed again in making polo an Olympic sport.
FIP\'s mission is to enhance the image and status of the polo competition at the international level and promote the practice of this sport worldwide, and in accordance with a federation and an international rule unite the polo associations of many countries participating in the sport.
Our mission is also to promote the campaign to FIP members through counseling clinics and the children\'s championships.
As the highest body of Polo, Polo promotes uniform, International (FIP) rules and obstacles agreed and promoted by each national association.
These rules will then become the general rules for unifying sports.
FIP will continue to push for an annual meeting with herlingham, Argentina, with the American Polo Association setting up a set of international rules and actively promoting the use of them by FIP members and international polo tournaments.
The most important event we host is the world championships held every three years.
We are also promoting the holding of ambassadors tournaments, youth tournaments and clinics, as well as senior and international tournaments.
Polo is a different sport, as I said.
This is a team sport, but in addition to the team, a team of Malay is required to complete the cycle.
We are trying to add polo to the Pan Am Games, the Southeast Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, and international athletes are on display all over the world to provide maximum polo displays to sports enthusiasts.
There are 80 countries playing polo in total.
However, we have 57 countries joining as full members of FIP and are allowed to vote and participate in all activities of FIP.
We also have a system of membership.
They do not participate in FIP activities.
But once we are convinced that the corresponding members have done enough to promote the sport that we have registered these countries as full members.
There are currently 16 corresponding members.
We also have contact members in FIP, which are our corresponding countries and the number is 15.
Their membership may come over time.
The FIP ambassador is a bridge between FIP and countries.
The ambassador\'s position is to travel to his or her own country on behalf of the FIP and its objectives and purposes, and to work on behalf of the Federation in certain countries where the FIP chair has asked the ambassador to complete the specific objectives.
The ambassador is expected to support all FIP activities with time, effort and horses.
There are about 80 ambassadors who have helped promote the campaign and have also helped develop it.
All full members have ambassadors, Argentina has the largest number of ambassadors and the most polo matches.
Argentina likes football and Polo.
Now, in Jaipur, Colonel narundra Singh, Colonel Pinka Vilk, Vikram;
Colonel navtai Singh, Colonel Barwani Singh and Colonel Tarun Siroch are our ambassadors.
On top of that, we have Singh and his son Singh as honorary ambassadors.
Polo has always been a tradition for princes and armies in India.
Now civilians and individuals are playing polo, have their own stables and are looking for pure stallion.
It\'s all very inspiring.
Some young people with the ability to play polo are doing the sport.
I am also pleased with the sponsorship and competition facilities in India.
I think it is one of the best courses in the world at Lamba polo in Jaipur.
Yes, we have a corpus, no matter how small it is, this fund is providing training and certification programs for referees, coaches, managers and players from the grassroots to the elite, regardless of gender.
The FIP recommends that the fund be used for children\'s programs and referee clinics.
We have a zoning qualification system and the final is played in one country.
The next host is Chile.
Yes, we want to promote children\'s polo because it has a future.
The children will continue the sport.
There are hundreds of women polo players in the United States.
India should encourage this.
We have a separate women\'s championship in the United States, which is very popular.
Of course is US Polo Association.
They are a professional operating organization that has received huge funding and support through sponsorship.
Others should follow the American Horse Association.
India can do a lot in this regard.
I saw a lot of men and women in India wearing polo T-shirts.
This is encouraging.
The Indian Horse Association can also do brand building. Dr Richard T.
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