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weapons experts target counterfeit clothes

by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
The Cold War may have ended, but the fabric war is heating up-American weapons companies are turning to weapons scientists in the country to help them make their products faster and cheaper and to stop cheap flooding, fake clothing that steals American designer profit labels.
In a plan called AMTEX Partnership, missile technology manufacturers and experts from DOE labs are working together to make the fabric industry more competitive.
Douglas Lemon, who is in charge of the laboratory textile project, said DOE labs saw that their mission is shifting from a mission dominated by weapons projects in many ways.
They want to expand their business to the competitive edge of the industry.
Manufacturers and government scientists agree that we can do a lot of things.
For example, when the industry complains about a large number of fake clothing brands as overseas designers, scientists see that military technology may have answers-in the form of small computers --
Chip identity tag.
These were originally intended to support the strategic arms reduction treaty but have never actually been used.
Their aim is to embed nuclear warheads so that countries can track each other\'s storage.
But if the chip is small enough, cheap, strong enough, they can beg to put on their clothes and attach a message that might say, \"certified Levi Strauss-Jeannie \".
Retailers can be sure they get genuine products-American companies can save up to $6 billion a year.
Lawrence Livermore and scientists at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory plan to publish the first results of their labeling experiments within a year.
The AMTEX partnership has also launched five other projects.
For example, an object designed to use a sensing system to target objects that look like military tanks rather than trucks by \"training\" targets to help \"intelligently\" misidentify targets.
But in this case, the sensor will find flaws on the fabric, extra, missing or winding lines, tears, or defects in dyeing or printing.
Other scientists are using the laser system developed by Star Wars research to develop ways to quickly cut cloth.
They also want to increase the recovery of expensive, often dangerous dyes from the water and reduce the energy to put the dye into the fabric.
The most important thing for the industry is to computerize the \"demand chain\" plan, so that the sales growth of a specific red shirt will quickly remind retailers, clothing manufacturers, finally, a magenta shirt in demand.
Today, it took 66 weeks on the demand chain to convey the message-by then, magenta shirts could be the first choice for fashion.
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