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wear a life vest and get ready to surf!!!!! other article from sports and fitness

by:QiMeng     2019-09-21
Plan to surf-
Balance, experience and practice required for exercise?
Surfing itself is a complete sport and the most enjoyable sport, but it also requires a lot of body input
Ups, workout, core training and endurance.
Of course, the most important thing you need to carry is a life jacket.
You can\'t surf without a life jacket.
Do you want to know how to surf?
Put on your life jacket and let us show you how to surf correctly, increase your learning and experience the effectiveness of one of the most difficult sports.
Just read it.
Step 1: Get ready for this long lasting sport by: surfing warm up
Up: This will help increase the mobility and flexibility of the body and reduce muscle stiffness.
You can do all kinds of actions, such as Ass Drop, warrior bow, push-ups, breathing and squatting, etc.
Surfing Training: this will help you provide the strength, speed and endurance you need during the surfing process.
Practice full body exercises and balance exercises which will be ready for your body
Dimension space.
Core training for surfing: comprehensive core training is a must and you should be trained the same.
Shoulder and upper back: working hard will help you get stronger and sore
Free upper body Step 2: Choose the right life jacket for your body: Learn about the type of jacket, check the EC safety standards of the jacket, choose the jacket that suits your weight and body shape, check the foam or inflatable life jacket™Must have™There should be safety equipment on the jacket, just like a whistle.
Other available features can also be found.
Step 3: Put on the vest as instructed, make sure it is close to your body, tight and safe enough for you.
Now you are ready to go to the water and enjoy your surfing tour.
Step 4: lie flat on a surfboard and walk through the water.
Once you see the waves approaching, put down the front of the board with a lot of water power and move under the top of the waves.
This will help you penetrate the waves instead of being pushed back to the shore, and the life jacket you wear will help you float on the water.
Step 5: When you are ready to surf, face the beach, wait for the waves behind you, and start paddling as the water rises from behind you, ready to stand on the surfboard.
Step 6: try pushing the board down with your arm, place your feet on the board and try to balance.
Step 7: now you are the guide to the surfboard.
Guide it, cross the water with your forefoot, push you towards the coast according to your balance ability and the ocean, with your weight, feet, toes and heels can enjoy surfing as you always wanted.
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