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weinergate: why aren’t men more ashamed?

by:QiMeng     2019-10-09
Amy Richards expressed her own opinion.
Sadly, women have begun to expect men to behave badly.
Deception, lying, denial and manipulation
But that doesn\'t mean they won\'t be angry-
Thousands of women in France have called on Dominique Strauss
In this country, columnist Katha Polestar has published a lot of articles about her anger.
I think a more timely question is: why are men angry?
Read the news of the Twitter images, hide your loved one at home and sexually assault a hotel maid, and I expect some men who are trying to stay away from those men to make lofty calls.
At the very least, maybe we can hear some embarrassing admission.
When Sarah Palin blinked in the vice president\'s debate and Brandi Chastan took off his shirt after winning the World Cup, I certainly felt embarrassed.
Many women feel the need to apologize for their gender.
There is public pressure on them to do so.
The man seems to be cursed.
These different responses highlight differences in age: men are free to be considered individuals.
The behavior of a man is used to destroy all men.
Women are not so easy: women are punished for their gender.
Anna Nicole Smith got married for money, and that\'s how all the women are.
Perhaps the lack of anger in women is something we try to focus on rather than on.
They are tired of being seen as a whole and refuse to punish men in the same way.
As is the case with many people, I don\'t think these male digressions are newsworthy.
Women are numb to this bad behavior, not because we tolerate it, but because we notice it and even defend it, which means we give in and think that men are men.
Of course, this behavior is isolated from the famous example (
Gary Hart, Bob Parkwood, Tiger Woods)
But there may be too many powerful people.
I just heard from a woman that she left the marriage with three children because her husband was derailed.
The most shocking thing for her is how many women have said some changes in our tolerance, why can\'t you?
Whether it\'s a civil servant or not, I\'m surprised these look hard.
Successful people with work experience have time to take such adventures, and of course chutzpa also has time to think they can cover up the facts and take advantage of public opinion.
If women don\'t do the extra things that have a record
Every job has to do a few hours of housework, maybe they will have more time to do it.
It\'s no surprise that these sexy women get a disproportional help in the family.
In other words, these men clearly have women of power, which may not be the same as their married life.
Weiner\'s wife is someone close to Hillary Clinton.
Schwarzenegger may be governor of California, but his wife is Kennedy.
Although their behavior has proved to be a strong demand for sexual channels for men, they also seem to need to strengthen their dominance.
It is also shocking why only women are angry at the outrageous sexual grievances of men.
The aggrieved group is asked to explain itself, but it is not a strong group.
The bad boy news is not about whether women should show more anger.
Instead, it was a time to pause and ask us to start asking more men.
The boy is not necessarily a boy.
In order for men to be boys, women must stop facilitating them and need to start asking them to express their anger.
Amy Richards is the author of \"opt-in: having children Without Losing Yourself\" and the founder of the Third Wave Foundation. Photo: Former United StatesS.
President Bill Clinton spoke with pastor and Representative Al Sharpton.
On April 24, 2002, Anthony Weiner attended a voter registration rally in New York.
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