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Welcome to the Future

by:QiMeng     2020-05-21
To foresee the future isn't that much scientific, but latest fashion trend is now incorporating styles inspired by sci-fi and other futuristic movies like 'The Matrix', 'Avatar', etc. Most fashion stylists create an aura of future environments with artistic outfits that sense evolutionary change. Following this, many wholesale apparel distributors include futuristic clothing in their stocks. Futuristic fashion trend in 2010 comes to the fore as a prophecy seen through the fabric. 'Spring 2010 fashion trend' recently exposed attires of future generation. Fashion stylists like Alexander McQueen, Julien MacDonald and Karl Lagerfeld are famous personalities advocating this fashion drift. Influences from abstract art and surrealism of 21st century encourage wearing attires which are somewhat adaptive to catastrophes and age of wars between humans and aliens or various mutants. With this inspiration, everything has to fit in no normal manner. Starting from hair: stylists prefer raised hairs portraying human transformation. Hair that mimics robotic look is also in. Some envision a hot, dry earth, so they choose freely flowing short hair. For others, wet look is much more apprehensive yet confident. Make-ups follow the reptilian or fish colors and hues in relation to an upcoming water world. Scales may cover the face and parts of skin showing mutation. Dystopia for humans and the rise of animals as main enemies is taking a realistic vogue. Others have in their minds superior advance of virtual reality created by computers that is why electronic gadgets and chic and hi-tech shades play as primary accessories. There are also metallic and electronic details in the clothes which recognize future warriors or soldiers. This futuristic fashion outlook features leather tunics in black or military attire cut into modern interpretation. Ancient or tribal designs are also noticeable: metallic shoulder blades, breast-plate, cloths and armored leggings. Also, robotic elements like shinny silver patterns can be seen. One has to be confident enough in carrying this latest fashion styles-because it is this confidence that believers of sci-fi and other futuristic conceptions want us to recognize. As fashion experts tell, you don't have to be strange (as some would say), rather you simply dress up in a way something is really possible. Creativity nowadays means functionality and security with the twist of exaggeration. There is endless list of possibilities and probabilities which fashion stylists perceive. If you think 2010 is a favorable year to be different and at the same time trendy, you just have to check the catalog of wholesale apparel shops for better futuristic choice. This move, you may learn, suggests through fashion not only the benefits and dangers of the future events but also the value and significance of what we do toward ourselves and nature. When you say 'Welcome to the future!' you mean 'This is the consequence we must face.'
Cangnan Qimeng Clothing Co.,Ltd is willing to push up our sleeves and wade into unknown territory with equal parts fearlessness and optimism.
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