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west african girls show the way in senegal tech battle

by:QiMeng     2019-09-02
Dakar -
Some West African female students who have not yet become teenagers play the leading role in an engineering competition in Senegal, breaking down stereotypes with robotics expertise and community innovation programs. The Pan-
Robot competition in AfricaPARC)
In Dakar, Senegal, last Saturday, science and education were increasingly a top priority for the government to develop its economy and achieve development.
Rows of young women in different uniforms from Senegal, Gambia and Mali --
Black scarf, white polo shirt, blue scarf
When robots pick up plastic cones and throw them on the markers, their team screams and they all believe they will win.
Mariama-SenegalBa all-
The women\'s college won the high school category with a \"Made in Africa\" flood pump solution, and the girl won the 11-
After showing their robotics skills, 15 age groups on Saturday.
\"Our generation is definitely that generation,\" said 14-year-old Umu tarawley. year-
The old Gambia, eager to become a doctor, patiently explained to the distinguished guests gathered how peanut shells were converted into fuel.
She added that her friends told her that they wanted to be engineers after a week of robotics and technical workshops.
\"Building Our Future\" is similar to the crossover between the TV show robot war and the TEDx creative conference, and Saturday\'s competition is the idea of Sidy Ndao, a professor of engineering at the University of NE.
Lincoln left Senegal for the United States in his teens. \"(It)
\"Inspire children to love science and inspire them to be engineers and scientists of the future,\" the founder said . \"
The activities funded in the second year are particularly important for girls.
The Saturday event organized by the Ndao SENEcole program attracted 250 children, boys and girls aged 11 to 19.
\"They are not many, but when they are at the top of the class,\" he said when it comes to girls who study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)subjects.
\"For the sustainable development of any country, you have to really work on science and engineering,\" he added, however, the smartest people in Senegal are often attracted to study abroad by the hopes of high salaries and better lifestyles.
Senegal is trying to open up the industry by supporting mathematics teaching in girls coding clubs and schools, although as part of a broader effort to fill the shortage of skills in the country, A technology center is being built near the capital for research and training.
\"If Senegal wants to be an emerging country, we have to master science and technology,\" said Mary Teva Nyon, \"engineering science and mathematics give us the ability to manage our own natural resources, we also have the ability to create innovation to build our future. \" Minister of Higher Education and Research, Senegal.
The \"problem cycle\" in Africa will be timely, and the influx of new engineers will put Senegal on the verge of a potential oil and gas boom, as important deposits are often found along its coast.
Ndao stressed that in countries where electricity and water are often lacking in rural areas, not to mention computers, it is necessary to reduce the cost of science and technology resources in schools.
The government acknowledges that the shortage of qualified science teachers is also a huge problem.
Only more than half of the children in Senegal have completed their studies, and traditional expectations remain ingrained that girls should be content to take care of household chores, especially in poor families.
Ndao said that the focus on science would \"solve the problem cycle in Africa,\" where natural resources are still largely controlled by foreign companies and shipped for processing abroad, thus depriving the residents of the large amount of oil, gold or diamonds of their value.
For 15-year-old Aminata Ndiaye, fighting machines at the Senegalese stadium is a much bigger Foundation as she is in the northern city of Saint-Louis.
\"It changed my future.
\"It\'s not just a robot game,\" she said . \"
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