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wet and wild pandas : making a movie in china\'s hinterlands presents unique challenges--like paying to film on sacred moss. on location with \'the little panda.\'

by:QiMeng     2019-10-07
Objection to summer filming in Jiuzhaigou national park in China\'s remote Sichuan province: * it takes at least 15 hours to get here from the nearest big city capital Chengdu to travel on dangerous cliffs
Armed robbers and small men were everywhere on the crowded roads-time hijackers.
* The location of the shooting must be consulted with the Tibetan priest to ensure that the film staff did not violate the Buddhist holy land. Burly special-
In order to avoid long numbers on \"Holy Moss\" or \"sacred rock\", ri hands and grips must be trained.
\"* Some locals here like to set up a lot of explosives near hotels and other densely populated areas.
* It is rainy season now. * Mudslides. * Vipers.
The reason to make a film here: * There are waterfalls falling on rock ledge like veils, turquoise lakes and wildflowers --
Carpet-covered mountain meadows anywhere in Asia.
* It\'s amazing, amazing beauty--
Comparable to Yosemite National Park or Yellowstone National Park.
* This is one of the few natural habitats for giant pandas, so it\'s a great location if you happen to be making a movie featuring pandas. * Pandas.
\"This is the most remote place I \'ve ever worked in, unless you count Cleveland,\" said Stephen Lang, an actor who plays the leading role of an adult male among the Warner Brothers.
The family adventure film \"Little Panda\" filmed here.
\"It looks like Yellowstone,\" says Chris Kane, director from South Dakota . \".
\"But they will never let us make a movie like this in Yellowstone.
Here, they asked us to bridge the canyon.
\"In fact, the production staff of the\" little panda \"also built waterfalls, built roads, transformed villages, and after some intense negotiations with the Tibetan lama, an artificial ledge was built on the cliff.
Similar activities at Yellowstone National Park will result in long-term imprisonment.
Hollywood took over 278 in two months. square-
At mile national park, when residents of Dangdang looked at it with their mouths open, director Kane preferred to reach out.
\"Everyone wants money,\" Kane complained in a lunch break interview.
\"Moss is \'Holy, \'but it has its price.
The rocks are \"sacred\" but they have their prices.
Take the incident of Tibetan villages as an example.
Set designer Douglas Carnegie says $18 when the crew started the project. 5-million co-
Working with Beijing Film Studio and Toronto film studio
Based on the small P production, they think the country scene will be one of the cheapest scenes in the movie.
The storyline is an adventure story for an American boy.
Ryan Slater plays)
A young Chinese girlYi Ding)
Take a series of harrowing adventures when they try to protect the baby panda (
Played by two real pandas at the nearby Wolong captive breeding station)
Fish from a pair of Chinese poachers.
Eventually, the children and pandas were rescued by the boy\'s father, a wildlife researcher played by Lang.
John Willett, a Canadian production designer (
\"Mississippi Burning\", \"Company \")
An abandoned Tibetan village was found in a mountain open, and boys and pandas should be hidden in an attic.
Although the village appeared to have been abandoned at the beginning of the shooting, its residents came forward to make their request.
They turned out to be tough negotiators.
Carnegie said: \"They threatened to say that if we don\'t pay so much for a yak or for every goat we use, they will take us from the set and he accidentally stepped on a Tibetan prayer flag, triggering a small cultural event.
In the end, the cost of the village was five times what the company originally estimated, plus Willett\'s favorite watch.
\"They said they didn\'t steal,\" recalls Willett . \".
\"They said they liked it, so they took it.
\"But Willett and most of the other crew are willing to forgive the locals for most of the daily ransom.
The producer paid a large sum of money to the local government and park management.
Obviously, money has never been in the hands of ordinary people.
In addition, they believe that villagers should be compensated for turning their homes into movie sets. The film\'s 200-
During the peak tourist season, only two modern hotels in the park are equipped with strong staff, actors and support staff.
75 vehicles produced, including 4 Fleetwheel-
Driving trucks, crowded roads.
Climbers were hired to install satellite phone transmitters and set up a video room in the hotel\'s karaoke bar to allow followers of several movie camps to perform morning cardio. In the two-
During the month of filming, more Westerners entered the remote area than in the previous centuries combined.
Except for the occasional big
Hunters and wildlife researchers, with a series of spectacular lakes and waterfalls in the Min mountain valley, rarely see foreign faces.
It remains one of China\'s most interesting minority areas, part of the Alba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture, 150 miles north of Chengdu, near the Gansu border.
In addition to the dominant Tibetan and Qiang population, the region also has pockets of Hui, Manchu and Miao ethnic minorities.
As a result of ethnic integration, splashing into the valleys of the roaring Minjiang River and its tributaries, is a particularly colorful display of various delicacies, sofas and buildings under the fresh, blue sky.
Ernest, a famous botanist, said: \"There is no other place in mainland China that is better than Westerners . \"Chinese)
Wilson wrote the Minjiang city of Songpan in early 1900.
\"With good riding and shooting, a fun person can learn, not to mention the plants, the town is more attractive than all the other towns in western China.
After shooting for a month, it is clear that Jiuzhaigou, in China, means \"nine Village Valley\", will never be the same again.
Instead of regional greetings, the villagers shouted \"Huru! \" or \"Hi!
To the passing Westerners
They also found a 30-year-
The old skydiver from Vancouver has a 60-amp, 380-
Volt welder that can do magic things. By mid-
In July, Fox said he had repaired eight stoves, a washing machine, three machetes and dozens of knives belonging to villagers.
Since China began to open its doors to Western films
At the end of 1980, it proved to be a rewarding place, although it was sometimes difficult to make a film.
Beijing and the unparalleled Forbidden City provide an unforgettable backdrop for the last emperor of Bertolucci.
However, the efforts of director Philip bossors 1987 to film the life of Norman Bethune, a revolutionary doctor starring Donald Sutherland, is a nightmare.
Posos teamed up with the Chinese army\'s film studio in August 1 to try to film \"Bethune: the production of heroes\" in several widely dispersed places.
But, like an army that outstrips the supply of trains, bosos acted so quickly that his crew ran out of food and water.
In the end, the crew staged three unprecedented games. day strike.
Neil trefenovic, special effects coordinator for booso at \"Bethune\", who returned to China in the panda film, joined the striker and ordered T-
Designed to mimic the director\'s slogan: \"You can\'t save your face and ass at the same time.
Trifunovich says there is no comparison between the Bethune disaster and the \"little panda.
\"First of all, executive producer Gabriela Martinelli made sure the cast and crew had a good meal.
She hired Italian chef Attilio Pettirossi, who cooked the menu for Bertolucci in The Last Emperor.
Pettirossi imported half a ton of pasta from the pass of Jiuzhaigou.
Matelli, he also made M.
The butterfly starring Jeremy Aines and John Lowne
Good ties with Chinese bureaucracy. In \"M.
\"Butterfly,\" she had a story about a transvestite Chinese spy who had to be somehow attacked by censors.
\"I remember being with me.
Martinez recalled with a smile in an interview at the Jiuzhaigou hotel restaurant. \"They (
China Review Agency
Come in and say, \"we read the script and we want to know if you can leave this woman as a woman if you can\'t make it a man.
\"I looked at them and said, \'Oh, this is a good idea, but it will be very difficult.
Because she was worried that Chinese censors would pull the plug at any time, she had to \"counter-prepare\" a backup location in Macau, a small Portuguese colony, on the southeast coast of China.
However, with the little panda and its family plot and the Chinese panda star, she has hardly had the same challenge.
To ensure political support, matinelli again
She and \"M.
Butterfly in Beijing.
She traveled to Wolong Panda Reserve to negotiate the use of two small pandas, male Simo born in September 1993 and Yue born in November 1993.
The insurance amount for each panda is $1 million.
In potentially dangerous or difficult scenarios, they were replaced by an actor Verne Troyer wearing a remote control
Controlled panda head created by Glendale
Headquartered in Rick Baker Cinovation.
Perhaps surprisingly, naturalist protests against the use of live pandas in movies are rare.
In an interview in Beijing, American field biologist George B was on his way to Mongolia to study wild camels.
Schaller, who wrote a book based on years of research into the giant pandas in China, said he thought the film might even help the giant pandas, \"as long as they don\'t look silly.
\"Performing in a movie can be a good experience for pandas,\" Schaller said . \".
\"They came out of the cage.
It may even be good for the spirit and the body.
\"While they were accompanied by a personal administrator at the Wolong sanctuary, the animals were carefully dressed up by Los Angeles-based film animal trainer Mark Weiner, who lives in Canada for their movie characters.
The immature pandas are not as smart as the North American bears he has worked with in the past, said Vina.
Since they are a highly endangered animal, he is not allowed to train them with snacks.
\"Mark basically knew what the pandas would naturally do and he asked them to do it for us.
They will be the real stars of the show, \"said director Kane, whose previous works include\" Young Guns \"and\" places where rivers turn black \", shot in the Brazilian jungle.
\"This movie is a bit difficult,\" Kane said . \" He compared the panda film with the Brazilian film.
\"It\'s very hot in Brazil.
You\'re always tired.
Snakes are poisonous.
Almost everything in the forest is poisonous.
But at the end of the day you went to a four
There are many good restaurants to choose from in a star hotel.
\"Because the little panda grew fast and gained 10 pounds weight a month, executive producer Martinelli had to move quickly.
She declined to use the more accessible Wolong reserve as a location, as in the narrow and humid valley it did not have the dramatic views needed for an outdoor adventure film.
In 1992, the Chinese government designated Jiuzhaigou as a national park. in order to protect the safety of Jiuzhaigou, she paid tribute to local Communist Party officials, park directors and Mayor Zhe Renzhu.
Zhe, a Tibetan resident born in the park, once visited Yosemite and dreamed that Jiuzhaigou would be so famous one day.
\"Yosemite and Jiuzhaigou are sister parks,\" he said in an interview after the film company mess had dinner with Martinelli, \"only we have more water.
\"When there was a shortage of electricity in hotels that included production offices, Martinelli visited the local power plant.
There, she put herself on the plant manager\'s desk and slowly piled up a round wooden checkers on his desk into a big tower.
\"Did you see this?
She told the manager.
This is my movie.
\"She made a stack with her hands and scattered checkers on the other side of the room.
\"I don\'t have a movie without electricity.
\"Power was restored the next day.
Martinelli said the low point so far is that she learned that the Chinese government will not approve a helicopter she expects to use to transport movies, supplies and key personnel to and from Chengdu.
This means that every jar of peanut butter, every jar of film, and every ounce of pasta required by the Italian chef must be transported to the mountain by road.
In the past two months, a tired urbanite said on the spot that making the film was equivalent to \"the hanniba crossing the Alps \".
The route to Chengdu was quickly called \"The Road to Hell\" by actors and staff \".
There are horror stories for almost everyone.
On the way to Jiuzhaigou, scenic artist Victoria ogynski saw \"a tourist bus hanging on the side of the road in the rugged Min Valley;
A bus came down.
There is a wood truck on the edge, and there is actually one.
\"Set designer Carnegie is a veteran of three round trips from hell.
During a trip, local gangsters blocked the roads and demanded a fee.
On the other hand, the road was blocked by a boulder as big as a refrigerator.
The whole village cleared it.
\"As we waited, I walked to the river and spent the night at a gold mine camp.
\"But production designer Willett owns topper as usual.
Driving his 4x4 car on a notorious section, Willett watched in horror as a white horse fell into the river from a cliff above his head.
Later, Willett and his team gave the incident a nickname: \"vertical bowling.
\"I never wrote a diary in my life,\" he said in an interview on the way to inspect the rope suspension bridge built for the film.
\"But I have done so since I came here.
It seems that incredible things happen every day.
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