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what’s daring now? hood by air and altuzarra make a statement

by:QiMeng     2019-09-10
When it comes to fashion, what is shocking now? Or even (
Let\'s lower it a little)
Challenge, be bold?
After a summer when burkini became an international cause, it was not an irrelevant issue.
In New York, a variety of answers began to appear on the catwalk.
Tip: not sex. It’s politics —
The appearance. (
The appearance in every sense of the word. )
The word is new black this season.
39 photoview slide show sold a Post three years ago when air Hood first appeared on site
The outdated difference between the gender World and the stom feet spread all over men\'s and women\'s clothing (
Men and women)
It sobered everyone up and began to question the status quo. PornHub, the X-rated video-
The sharing website, one of the brand\'s latest sponsors, hangs the promise of various violations;
The soundtrack says \"I Touch Myself \";
Some shirts are printed with \"cheats\", \"girl\" and \"never believe in church girls \".
Still, the biggest surprise of the show is commercialism.
This, as well as the appearance of German artist Wolfgang Tillman, whose head is covered by Vaseline, dressed in a boxer with his head high on the runway, a custom zip black coat
Boots and selfiessatisfied grin.
Except for some doubleface footwear (
So the shoes point in two directions at the same time)
Collect a lot of clothes you can wear: a little pleated female student skirt and a piqué polo shirt, as well as a double
A waist trousers with a golden zipper on one leg.
The oversized white shirt hangs on the spaghetti strap and the arm swings to the left, just like the folds on the side;
A gray jumpsuit with two zippers from the lapels to the ankles, very elegant;
The luggage bag with the belt is almost very cute.
It turns out that at least if you want to run a business, especially when the business has been trying to embrace you, it\'s a difficult role to sustain.
Another statement is even more surprising --In progress.
For example, Prabal Gurung cited Gloria Steinem and women empowerment as the starting point for his Spring Series and woven a citation that resonated in his lines.
Black silk and its yarn T-
Susan B is embroidered on the shirt.
Anthony\'s words, \"they threw things at me at the time, but not roses,\" paired with a cropped black --leather pants.
The famous quote of the poet Rupi Kaur is: \"The story we tell on the back has no spine to carry.
Scattered on the lush cashmere sweater, hanging down from the shoulders, embroidered with blooming flowers, or floating ostrich feathers on the handkerchief --
Silk satin dress with hem skirt-
A strong feminine temperament is conveyed.
Also, there are more languages in the mix of the three-Pyer Mossyear-
Old men\'s label.
Designer Kerby Jean-
Raymond, for the first time with a series of black life matter T-shirts.
This season, his mind has shifted to economic inequality.
Its title is \"Bernie.
Bernie, \"about Madoff and Sanders, by oral presentation --
The poetry of the writing artist Cyrus Allen spans the landscape of debt and struggle, the whole food on Harlem Malcolm X Avenue, and the economic advantage of being a doctor rather than a designer. Mr. Jean-
Raymond mixed Wall Street classic men\'s and women\'s clothing-
Pinstriped and college letters and windbreaker, as well as ubiquitous track pants
Remind us of the choices we have made.
A lace jersey with decals with capital letters \"greedy\" on it, white T-
The shirt noticed the \"cash cow\" on the left breast and a button --
The Up striped banker\'s shirt is white, preferably black. and-
White photo of Sir
Madoff at the waist
The result can easily turn into a charge or teen pou mouth, but it\'s about memory and works better for memory: a well
Our mistakes are always with us. If we do not recognize history, we are doomed to repeat it.
Nevertheless, not all radicalism is so open.
Sometimes it can be as simple as it is in Altuzarra, just like an unconstrained optimism.
Designer Joseph altozara had a great time in the trio of python, plaid and cherry --on-the-stem —
Refinement and innocence and the fall of grace
Turned it
Wear bombshell through pencil skirt, custom jacket, biased frame
Cut and slip-the-
Shoulder sweater dress in sky blue, sunny yellow, pink and red tones.
The combination should not work, but it does (
And often very good)
, Suggesting the most unexpected Cross
Pollination can produce the most significant results.
Understand by temptation.
This is a kind of chin. dropping idea.
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