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what\'s different about spicejet on weekends

by:QiMeng     2019-10-01
If not, have you noticed any difference when flying SpiceJet over the weekend, then a closer look at the crew will make you realize that they are not wearing the usual uniform.
The crew of SpiceJet are all wearing Weekend uniforms, the only Indian airline that has a separate outfit for the weekend.
When the female crew were wearing colored kurtis and jeans, the male flight attendants were wearing polo t-
There are denims shirts from Friday to Sunday.
\"SpiceJet\'s new approach involves creating a warmer, more friendly, and more natural environment for customers on board the plane.
Weekend uniforms are a natural extension of this philosophy.
We also believe that this will attract more and more companies to wear casual clothes on Friday, which will improve their mood and make them more relaxed and enjoyable on Friday and weekend flights, \"oficer Sanjiv Kapoor, chief operation of SpiceJet, said.
A flight attendant at Indig, who declined to be named, said, \"it would be interesting if other Indian airlines followed suit.
This is definitely a good plan.
\"However, one of IndiGo\'s pilots also did not want to be named because they were not authorized to talk to the media and he thought it would be better to have a uniform for a week.
\"So the weekend is not
It\'s more for us to show and passengers, \"he said while preparing weekend costumes for the flight crew alone.
The captain told NDTV: \"consistent uniforms tell you that in case of an emergency, or in case of any difficulties encountered by the authority or the person in charge . \".
However, passengers seem to disagree on Spicer\'s initiative. Delhi-
Often flying architect Sidharth Roy praised SpiceJet\'s efforts and said, \"it\'s a good change compared to the old boring uniform, maybe other airlines can get from them\"However Delhi-
Romik Ghosh, a doctor who often flies, also seems to disagree.
\"I don\'t think the new weekend dress code is very good.
I prefer the company clothes of the crew.
It\'s not that impressive, it takes gravity and authority away, \"said Dr. Ghosh.
So far, the overall response of the crew and passengers has been positive, SpiceJet said.
\"In fact, some customers are asking to keep it permanently (
Uniform through the week)
They like it too much.
But we have not done so, and we take it for granted that it has lost its \"particularity\", \"Mr. Kapoor said.
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