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what\'s it like to be a foreigner living in china? unsavory elements offers the unvarnished truth

by:QiMeng     2019-10-07
Credit: In an early story, in an annoying element, Alan Paul wrote that he was riding a bus with his family, climb a barely navigable road to the 15,000 feet pass that will take them to the Wolong Panda Reserve
Although based in Beijing, Paul hopes to provide a real Chinese experience for his familypat bubble.
It was very late, and they had been walking on this dark, bumpy road for hours, when: \"At 9 that night, we suddenly cheered when we saw a sign saying, \"Welcome to Panda House Wolong\" in English and Chinese, but we haven\'t arrived at the hotel yet.
We are still on the rubble. the road ahead is a big hole.
As I stood there looking painfully at the hole and silently condemning the constant construction of new China, I felt my face warm and damp.
It\'s blood from my nose.
Dust, drying, height and pressure make me the best.
When Wang spoke to some hurried workers, I pressed the towel on my face.
\"There\'s only one machine driver,\" says Chris, pointing to the huge backhoe sitting by the hole, \"he\'s eating or sleeping.
They wanted to catch him.
His name is Lu.
\"What do foreigners want in China? This event illustrates that in this combination of the most talented and diverse hands in this ambitious China, you may find one in a literary collection that runs through all
Like Freud\'s famous question of \"What Do Women Want\", Tom Carter, the editor of the work, asked this group of former
Alan Paul just wanted his family to get to safe harbor at night.
But where there is desire, there is always the power to hinder satisfaction.
In Paul\'s case, this is made up of a big hole in the middle of the road.
In this case, how obstacles are overcome reflects both the spirit of the Chinese people and the situation of the obstacles themselves to modern China.
Kay Blatter, who wants to buy a pair of shoes for a resident of her favorite orphanage, volunteers at the orphanage, but faces a rather strange challenge: \"At the shoe store, they found sandals that both sides agreed.
As they walked around the store and waited for the salesperson to retrieve her size, Kay realized that they had gathered again a group of curious onlookers.
They stopped when she stopped.
They moved when she moved.
The salesman finally came back.
When Kay bent down in front of the ditch to put her shoes on, the crowd crowded in.
Kay hurriedly put the first shoe on the ditch and bent down to get the second shoe.
With the second shoe in her hand, she looked around, and as she looked around for the other foot of the trench, gave the curious person a reprimand look.
Frantically reaching out under unsuccessful efforts, she finally looked down for it and then it hit her-no other feet.
There is only one leg in the ditch.
Matthew Polly wants to learn kung fu at the Shaolin Kung Fu Center.
Unfortunately, he quickly ran out of money and had to find a way to fund his education: \"I decided I needed to start making money.
But my only skill is the ability to speak English, but none of the monks can afford to attend classes.
Import is a nonstarter;
China is a factory in the world (
Can\'t afford it either)
Most things made in the West.
So, like many other aspiring Western entrepreneurs, my focus is on China\'s booming
Cheap manufacturing.
The exit will be my savior. I settled on t-shirts.
One of the most popular tours is a range of handmade shirts
The painting image of Shaolin monks in kung fu posture.
Their retail price at Shaolin Temple is $3 and I think I can wholesale them for $2.
America\'s crappy concert T-shirt costs $20.
These are handmade. painted!
I\'m sure they will take off the shelves.
\"When his plans fall apart, we read with pleasure and compassion, especially because of greed.
Derek Sandhouse wants to prove that foreigners can handle their liquor, but before the fall comes, people realize that pride is too late: \"Five Chinese and five foreigners walked into a hotpot restaurant in Chengdu with two bottles of white wine.
If this is the beginning of a joke, let me make a joke.
There is a price for over-confidence.
I walked into Sichuan\'s sweatshop with a proud heart and felt humble.
But I went to swing down and, rather, to slide down, not to fall down alone.
Aminta Arrington offers another view by which to evaluate the various desires that drive the writers of this anthology.
While teaching at Taishan University, she worked hard in China to support her family and realized the difference between her difficulties and those of her new neighbors: \"I\'m tired, I think. Teaching full-
Time. . . Raising three children . . . . . . Trying to cope with life in a new culture that doesn\'t have a dishwasher or oven, but how is she doing at the fruit stand 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, only a short break to prepare meals for Bing, her husband and her fatherin-law.
We talked about our hometown. a few hours later, there was a small village in her hometown. my hometown was all over the world.
Our new life in China is the same for my husband and our children, but I know her life has only one unique purpose: give Bingbing a better education and a better chance to survive.
\"The moral of the story the emotions expressed here are the key to unlocking the theme of this stunning anthology.
Desire should be judged according to the purity of the person involved in the activity, and even overcome obstacles.
That\'s why we think the moral world should punish selfishness and reward altruism.
If this doesn\'t always happen in life, we want it to happen in art.
Readers eager for such a moral outcome will happily end the last page of the annoying element.
Because even though its title is ribald, the work provides as obvious a moral lesson as in Plutarch\'s Life.
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