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what does that spell? brand loyalty

by:QiMeng     2019-10-07
In last month\'s national cheerleading competition, girls in short skirts and flashing purple eyes competed for points at the Anaheim Convention Center.
But the real competition is in the beauty salon.
Prize: the buying habit of brand loyalty --obsessed teens.
On a dresser in the corner of the convention center, Jessica Lopez, 14year-
The old man from sicovina learned how to glue her hair up with herbal essence.
A hair stylist sprayed her hair, combed it with a comb, and then sprayed it again.
Jessica left with a can of spray. -
There is also a complete set of Cover Girl mascara, Secret deodorant, skin shaving cream and Bic Soleil Shaver.
\"My whole bathroom was something they gave us,\" said the new student of the rock star sports cheerleaders. That\'s what we think.
The company is working hard to get their message across to teenagers, looking for new ways to reach them.
\"Power makes it difficult for advertisers to connect with young people,\" said Samantha ski, executive vice president of strategic marketing at youth marketing agency Alloy Media & marketing.
\"Advertisers are therefore entering schools to create new platforms for young people to connect.
\"To promote its presence in-
Department store giant Macy\'s epic costume collection
T-template sent
Students are encouraged to design shirts and enter their designs in the competition.
Macy\'s department store selects a winner from 12,000 entries and will sell T-
Shirts in 25 stores across the country.
As part of the national red zone player of the Year program, the old spices sent 5,000 Red Zone brand body spray samples of body spray of body lotion and deodorant and old spices to 100 high school football teams, the old spices encourage football coaches to nominate players.
Those selected \"players of the year\" will appear in full form
Page Old Spice ads for USA Today.
\"It\'s a perfect choice,\" said Jay Gooch, the foreign relations manager at Old Spice.
\"It\'s a moment in their lives when they make a choice about what they want to use.
\"It\'s wise for companies to target cheerleaders,\" said Marlene Cota, vice president of corporate alliance for university brand companies.
Memphis, Tennessee.
The company that hosts competitions in Anaheim because they are often respected girls by others.
In recent cheerleading training camps across the country, a unit of Gatorade Propel.
, After the participants exercise, sponsor \"hydration rest\" and distribute \"fitness water \";
The cover girl made a makeup tour showing how to apply lip gloss and other cosmetics;
And Skintimate, a unit of S. C. Johnson & Son. Inc.
Cheerleaders training camp competition, adding fuel to the \"smooth action\" champion.
\"When the girls learn that they will get free cover girl makeup and samples, they really scream at each camp,\" said company spokesman Anitra Marsh . \".
Is there any marketer who won\'t try to sell to teenagers?
Cota said she rejected offers from tobacco, medicine and meat products companies that the university found inappropriate. (
The promotion of cigarettes would have been reversed.
The smoking campaign Cota eventually discovered was sponsored by a tobacco company. )
But it still gives marketers a lot to sell to teenagers.
\"If you can attract teenagers when they are young, you have a lifetime of customers,\" said Mr. Matt Britton\'s head of brand development.
Young marketing company. About two-
According to Harris Interactive, a market research firm, teenagers in their thirties are loyal to their favorite brands.
Forrester Research found that more than 60% of teenagers aged 15 to 17 will stay in the bank after graduating from high school and recommend it to friends.
According to a study by the research firm Keller Fay Group, nearly half of teens talk about personal care and beauty products, compared to just 29% of the general public.
Procter & Gamble, consumer goods giant
The strategy of giving free samples to cheerleader Jessica seems to have produced the desired results. \"I used Dove [deodorant]
\"Once, but I used them since I got the little secrets,\" she said . \".
When people have a bad experience with the product, giving away the product will backfire.
Brooke Morgan, 13, said she had received a sample of mild deodorant but was not happy with it.
The bad news came out: Keller Fay found that teenagers are more likely to release a product than the general public if they don\'t like it.
Consumer advocates are not keen to recruit teenagers as product promoters.
Robert Weisman, general manager of an advocacy group Business Alert, said that providing beauty products to young girls introduced them prematurely to the standards of beauty companies.
Teenagers should not be called up as a brand without knowing it, he said.
\"They were going to have the children communicate their message, but they didn\'t tell them.
\"Children who like to talk about new things often can\'t help but sound like speakers.
\"This mascara doesn\'t lump like other mascara,\" 16-year-old Stephanie Wolfe said of the cover girl sample she received during the Anaheim cheerleading competition.
The reaction of teenagers like Stephanie explains why cover girl parents P & G think \"if we can get samples in someone\'s hands, we know a large part of them will go back and repeat, gucci, the Old Spice manager, said he also represented secrets. He said P&G;
Each year, 300,000 to 350,000 Secret deodorant sticks are presented at cheerleading events.
According to Varsity, who is in charge of the event, 72% of the cheerleaders who have been exposed to these brands in the event remember the brands.
And 89% of the cheerleaders who \"have a direct brand experience\" are \"more likely\" to buy the product.
Varsity estimates that more than 1 million teenagers \"interact\" with sponsors at events across the country \".
Once a brand reaches the cheerleaders, its name may spread faster than the nasty rumors.
Nowadays, teenagers, especially girls, are constantly connected through mobile phones, instant messaging, and e-mail. mail.
The cheerleaders are often the leaders of the team. -
The university\'s Kota called it \"the top of the food chain \".
\"If you can get in touch with people who are more likely to be influencers, it could be a good way to convey your message,\" Kelly O\'Keefe said . \", Director of Administrative education at the Brande Center, Federal University of Virginia, professor of advertising.
The cheerleaders are likely to have great social influence and communication skills.
Sunshine Smith, 14year-
Old ore from Portland. This is reflected.
She was crowded with other girls from her Anaheim team to talk about beauty products.
Her 8-year-old sister Alison is also a cheerleader.
Sunshine says she and her friends will make up each other with free products and show them to their friends.
Her coach, Twila Smith, said the news about the products spread quickly.
\"They are the perfect kids in school,\" she said . \"
\"Many children respect them very much. \"--alana. Semuels @ latimes.
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