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what not to wear in parliament

by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
The House of Commons and the House of Lords are hotbeds of rules, procedures and customs, including what members may and may not wear in the chamber. . .
Traditionally, the speaker of the House of Commons, who presided over the debate, always wore a black robe at the ceremony.
The speaker\'s waistcoat, cuffs and wings collar was thrown away by John Bull when he took office in 2010, preferring a casual dress and tie under a black dress.
However, he is not the first person to choose not to wear a full outfit, and his predecessor, Betty bosiroy and Michael Martin, will grow
Wig and knee pants and tights.
The last Speaker to stand out from the entire costume was Bernard weathermere, who served the role from 1983 to 1992.
Now both male and female MPs should wear formal business attire, including jackets and ties.
The official rules of Parliament Erskine may have only limited rules for dressing members;
That is to say, the House of Commons should not wear military badges or uniforms, and the custom is that \"gentleman members wear jackets and ties \".
Nevertheless, as noted in the parliamentary orientation, the speaker \"on a number of occasions, for informal clothing, including non-
Jackets and ties for men \".
Factsheet noted that a violation of the dress code was a \"political statement\" in the past, recalling how Oliver Cromwell was wearing a \"plain cloth\" linen suit made by \"sick country Tailor, wearing a hat without a hat band.
It can be said that Green MP Caroline Lucas wore the slogan \"no longer the third page\" on 2013 t-shirt -
She was quickly hooked up by the chair for violating the dress rules.
Having said that, Labor\'s deputy leader, Harriet Harman, managed to escape a costume last year that showed the slogan of the feminist movement.
A spokesman for the House of Commons then said: \"During the speaker\'s presidency, there were many requests for his attention, especially when asking questions to the prime minister.
If a member\'s dress does not conform to the practice of the House and is brought to the attention of the chair, he will take corresponding action.
\"Some lawmakers have called for a less formal dress code, and Labor MP Kevin Brennan suggested\" dress \"on Thursday, 2002 \".
Back in the summer of 2014, Tory MP Henry Smith on Twitter called for a step further: \"Even today, can we wear shorts instead of suits in the House of Commons?
Fight the heat outdoors (and internally)!
Needless to say, neither of these ideas is attractive.
But perhaps the two lawmakers should be thankful that the tradition of wearing wigs is limited to the 18 th century.
Staff bar, if the speaker wishes).
Hats can\'t be worn in the House of Commons-
This is not always the case though.
Over the past few centuries, a hat has been part of the daily dress of many members of Congress.
They can be worn in the chamber, but they cannot be worn in and out, or when speaking to members of Congress.
However, members of Congress can wear helmets when asking procedural questions in the vote, although this tradition has not survived the modernization process in the House of Commons.
The idea at the time was that the speaker could see the members more easily when they were in and out of the chamber.
In fact, the House of Commons has kept two foldable black opera caps for this purpose.
On 1998, however, House Labor leader Ann Taylor announced that the practice could end as part of an updated parliamentary program.
\"I know some members might find it particularly appealing that they are wearing opera house hats, but it does make the House of Commons look ridiculous,\" she told members of Congress . \".
So it came.
Members now just move along the green bench and get closer to the Speaker when they want to ask a procedural question.
It is not a big problem now, but because of a law dating back to October 30, 1313, Parliament is not allowed to wear armor under the rule of King Edward II.
There is also no weapon (
Sword, for example)are permitted.
The only exception to the rule is Serjeant from the arms department, who still holds the sword in the room.
Members are said to have used purple ribbons hanging in the member\'s cloakroom when storing their swords, although politicians today tend to use them to hang their swords --less-
Harmless umbrella
Similarly, members of Congress will not wear medals --or badges. Bow-
Mr. Docherty, who is one of many new Scottish National Party 2015 intake, protested in a tie that men are not allowed to bring luggage into the chamber, but women can.
\"Even in this Chamber,\" he said in a debate on equal pay, \"We have continued the stereotypes of gender.
The honorable gentlemen are not allowed to bring a bag into the chamber, but the honorable ladies are very pleased to carry a small handbag.
\"He found an unlikely ally on Conservative MP Stephen Phillips, who declared,\" as one of the few members of the family who have men\'s bags \", he will \"protest\" with members of the Scottish National Party \".
\"We will all bring the luggage in to see if we are raised by the chair and have some sort of blame for doing so,\" he said . \".
According to a spokesman for the House of Commons, \"there are no specific provisions on \'Mango\' itself.
One of the house practices and courtesy applicable to all members of Parliament is that the briefcase should not be brought into the chamber.
\"The speaker of the House of Commons is directly above an area known as the news Gallery, where journalists covering the Parliament observe the process of the meeting.
They also have to comply with the dress code of the parliament, where male MPs have to wear jackets and ties.
However, in the British heat wave in early July 2015, the rules were relaxed --
The reporter was very happy.
When visiting a public gallery in the House of Commons, there is no rule on what the public must wear.
Perhaps the most famous picture of the House of Lords came from the opening of Parliament when members of parliament wore their best mink dresses from head to toe.
But alas, this is not what they wear during the dayto-
The daily affairs of the Chamber of Commerce.
However, they were asked to look smart, men in jackets and ties.
According to the membership manual, guests who want to watch the lawsuit in the conference hall \"below the bar\" should \"dress properly\" and male guests need to wear jackets and ties.
Someone wearing jeans or a T-shirt
Shirts are not allowed in the area, but they are welcome to sit in public galleries.
\"Men must wear jackets and ties at the Peres restaurant and Room restaurant, Peres room and Barry Room.
\"Women and children should be dressed appropriately,\" the manual added . \".
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