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what they\'ll be wearing in prison in \'08

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
Texas Associated Press writer Kelly Shannon, Thursday, November 29, 2007
Has been plagued for decades.
Starting next year, the Texas guard will be able to choose a short-sleeved gray shirt
Their uniform sleeves, navy blue shirts.
\"The staff are very well informed about this and they have been waiting for this to happen,\" said Nathaniel Quarterman, director of the department of correctional institutions, Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
Lighter and more durable than old buttons
He said the new Polo shirts are similar to uniforms worn by police and prison guards elsewhere.
\"When you wear yours (protective)
\"Vest, it\'s a uniform that\'s easier to manage and cooler,\" says Vest man . \".
The three guards imitated the old and new style, not showing the runway in the cell, but gave a brief presentation at a meeting of the Texas Criminal Justice Commission at the Austin hotel.
The military officer stood straight-
When he pointed out the features of the new orchestra, he faced but relaxed guards.
The new uniform consists of two gray trousers and a blue shirt, made exactly in the US prison system, all the way to cotton.
Production will begin in January and the new option will be gradually implemented over the next two years for security guards across the state.
There are about 25,000 correctional officers in the Texas prison system, which has 155,711 inmates as of this week.
Changes in gray Texas guard uniforms have been in use since the 1960 s.
Quarterman said the last update was about 10 years ago when the seniority slash representing the service life of an officer was added to the sleeve.
Brian Olsen, executive director of the security union, said there would be no slashes in the new uniform, which could prevent senior guards from wearing.
He said prisoners often show more respect for wearing more experienced guards on their sleeves.
However, Olsen added that there were guards in the committee that picked the new uniform.
He said change is a good thing.
It gave them a choice.
\"The old uniform is harder to wear with the protective vest, the long sleeves are hard to clean, if the prisoner is big on you,\" he said . \".
Texas criminal justice department: AP 2007.
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