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what to buy in the sales

by:QiMeng     2019-09-28
So, every time you open the closet door, you get sick --
Lurking behind-that mermaid-
During the Christmas sale last year, you convinced yourself to buy a beaded sheath with a tail.
However, once New Year\'s Eve comes, you can\'t muster the courage to wear it because it\'s-
Everyone agrees.
Over top!
After the title enters-
Christmas sales have created a lot of emotions, from the extreme relaxation of fleeing the family --
Add fuel to horomone\'s cabin
Release kick from flashing plastic.
When you are addicted to retail therapy, I always recommend that you stay calm and apply sensible basic rules, especially when there are big cut sales signs hanging around you, to lure you into those bargaining baskets --high handbags.
The first principle is to become a realist. A so-
If you really want and need it, the so-called bargain is just a bargain, not the mood of the OMG, because it is red and reduces 70 computers.
Rule 2: Be smart and look for longevity.
As so many people complain about being surrounded by \"things\", I suggest looking for something in sales that actually increases the quality of your daily life throughout the year.
We spend most of our income on vacation, so strengthen the experience.
If that means buying a very good snow suit and using it every year, go and buy it.
Then four-
Wheeled, smooth-moving smart suitcase, you can track it from your phone if it\'s lost at the airport --
If you find it reduced, it\'s worth buying for me.
For those who set out during the summer vacation, I bet that if you go to the swimsuit department on St. Stephen\'s Day, you will find that you have your place at nine o\'clock A. M, because a large number of shoppers will wear shoes or handbags.
It\'s really a question of thinking out of the box and having sales work for you and not for you (
And your bank balance.
To be their victims.
Just like you do the swot before the exam, I suggest you do your sales assignment, I mean not just look at the hours of business and load your bank card to make sure you are equipped at the checkout counter.
I\'m talking about sitting down today and planning your own post.
Christmas sales listDo a self-
Edit and make strategic decisions about what works for your life and brings happiness in 2017.
It\'s always a pleasure to wear a wow dress or a pair of shoes on New Year\'s Eve, but for me, a very discounted pair of good sunglasses, I can wear 365 days a year, this will be a real discovery.
Sneakers and shoes for walking to work are also great.
As the trend of movement continues to reach the hearts of the people, you may find that more people are frantically chasing Stella McCartney\'s sportswear and sportswear.
I know there will be progress.
Planning the mom partition on expensive designer cofinancing clothing can be found in sales that are severely discounted.
Four months before the big day, how great it is to solve the problem by bargaining.
Go to the sales track, think about cross-season sales, and look for clothes that can be worn all year round.
The cashmere split is a good example.
Focus on what to buy next season will embrace.
First of all, there will be a lot of white shirts and striped shirts.
Pajamas haven\'t disappeared from love yet, and that\'s where I\'m going to start.
Go to the pajamas area and try to track the silky pjs;
It would be better if they had contrasting pipes.
Soon there was no sign of cool pajamas being out of date, when you were not at home lounging in your pajamas, the top looked great, the heel was high and the eyes sucked.
Red and pink will be big in 2017, so keep this in mind when you run your eyes on the sales track.
For me, pink is the winning color, and there are a lot of articles on M & S about very affordable signed pink dresses, as shown on the previous page, no doubt, it will inspire many families on the street.
If you are really smart, you will buy yourself a new diary and mark it in March 31 as that pink dress will be in the store in April.
Scan sales, watch out for feathers, like the FeeG jacket on the previous page, Irish designer Fiona Heaney did a great job in aw16.
The SS17 has a lot of feathers passing through, especially Miuccia Prada, who has been supporting feathers all the time.
Over the years, we gave him up for Bertie Ahern\'s jacket selection, but with Donatella Versace embracing the style of wind and rain, anorexia made a comeback in 2017.
Keep this in mind if you can\'t make a decision between the coats of the quilting coat.
All designers have big flowers, so in the face of normal fabric or plant prints, remember that you may buy the latter in spring and summer 2017.
If you find it reduced now, do it.
I always recommend buying custom made products in sales, which is why I am targeting Irish designers like Helen mccarlinden to invest in shades --on-
Separate shades and coats.
If we should learn a little from the recent recession, quality is lasting.
I find it worth spending more and less.
Keep a clear head in sales.
If the quality you used to dream and can\'t afford is now reduced, then it\'s a win-win situationwin.
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