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what to wear to a job interview

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
Over the years, Standard suggestions for work
The job seeker\'s opinion of the interview dress is \"dress like you have a job \".
\"You can\'t do that now!
There are companies where everyone wears shorts and slippersflops to work.
Women still have to wear skirts elsewhere-
I\'m talking about employers in the United States. S. !
There are organizations where men and women have to wear suits to work every day.
Jackets, ties and trousers are not enough in those places.
It must be a suit.
You may not know an organization\'s dress policy and go for an interview in a neat suit without getting the job ---
Never know why!
Again, you may not want the job if you think the dress is too formal.
There are companies where people can wear casual pants or skirts without or without sports jackets, but women have to wear hoses on their legs.
Light legs are not allowed, even those long skirts that touch almost the floor are not allowed.
Each organization is different.
Before you go to the interview, how do you know what to wear to go to the interview and see how people dress? You have to ask!
You will receive an email or phone call from a recruiter or a company HR person, or perhaps a call from its manager to invite you to the interview.
This letter looks like this: Here\'s your reply: Annette will do her best, but it\'s hard to write the dress code in writing.
This is one of the reasons why I suggest HR people never try!
Dress code is cultural.
They change with time and seasons.
Whatever Annette suggests, do your own research.
View as many LinkedIn profiles as possible for members of the LinkedIn employees team.
In particular, look at their executives and search the Acme website for photos of top-level employees as well as photos of other staff members.
If the dress code for Acme is more casual, use it as a standard for your interview.
If the usual office clothes are kha pants and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, wear a casual button.
Shirt and Middleof-the-
You wore a jacket and tie during the interview.
If you show up and feel like you\'re wearing too much, you can throw your tie away in the men\'s toilet and put it in your pocket.
If the usual office dress is a designer suit with a pocket square, put it on during the interview.
If the usual work clothes are jeans and rock and roll, wear a button.
Down jacket with no tie and kha cloth. The take-it-up-a-
Notch advice is exactly the same for women.
If the women of your future employer wear sundress with thin shoulder straps and jelly sandals when they go to work, then come to the interview and they will wear a casual and interesting dress, or like a small sweater or a casual jacket.
If employees wear navy casual pants and silk shirts with pearls at work, then wear the same during the interview.
Once I heard from an advertising agency vice president that he wanted to hire a good young designer for his company, but the designer was wearing formal trousers and a white shirt, go for the interview with a floral jacket.
The vice president of advertising agency says he can\'t hire people like this no matter how talented he is.
I told the VP that I thought it was the stupidest thing I \'ve ever heard.
How should designers know your random clothing preferences? I asked him.
I bet the designer already has his own company and does a great job.
Sometimes, when people come to a job interview, they feel a little overdressed, and then they wear more casual clothes to attend subsequent interviews and meetings with employers.
It\'s okay, but I don\'t suggest you go too far.
Our friend Philip gave the third interview to lead the team.
They eat at a steak house in New York.
You can wear jeans and T-shirts.
Go to the steak house shirt, but why did you go?
This is still a job interview.
Philip was not thinking.
He came to the steak house in jeans and leather jackets.
Executives are there in business attire.
\"Our mistakes,\" they said . \"
\"We think it\'s a business date.
Philip knew he had screwed up. His mind raced.
He said: \"I am sorry, I have judged the wrong dress code for this meeting.
This is a serious mistake for me.
If you don\'t feel it\'s appropriate, I \'d be happy to keep you up at night.
I don\'t want to waste your time.
Executives respect this.
They told him not to worry about it.
\"We\'re going to hire you,\" they said . \"
\"Be sure to dress appropriately for business activities.
Then everyone relaxed.
Philip had a great dinner and found a great new job.
If you feel the presence of the elephant in the room, it is always better to mention it than to remain silent!
Think about your interview costume on an important day or the night before.
Get everything ready, including shoes, socks and underwear, and check for spots, thread heads, or signs of wear in your clothes.
You want to feel great during the interview and it looks great is a big part of it!
Wear the color that looks great on you.
Make sure you can breathe inside!
If you\'re wearing a dress, practice sitting on it to make sure you don\'t flash too much on the side and distract the interviewer when you\'re sitting down.
Make sure your underwear straps don\'t show up. I prefer closed.
Open toe pump or flat head-
But the world is changing. if you think I\'m too stupid, do it according to your intuition.
If you\'re wearing something open
Toe shoes, repair your feet before the interview!
If you like makeup and jewelry, go ahead.
You are going for an interview, and you are an important part of your brand.
I don\'t want you to change yourself during an interview because if you do, the organization will hire a fake you. It\'s up to you.
Some organizations will love you, some will hate you, no matter who you are or how you dress, so it\'s no use trying to cram yourself into a box for the convenience or comfort of others.
That is to say, the more \"go out\" you look, the less organization you get.
You may be fine!
If they don\'t get you, they don\'t deserve you, whether you\'re a level n business person or a creative person of color.
We gave Image and wardrobe suggestions in the coach, but I only gave wardrobe suggestions without request once.
I\'m speaking to Job\'s audience.
After the conversation, the seeker approached me with a gentleman.
He\'s a very good 50-
A guy with smiling blue eyes and original pilot shades of his 70 s.
Pilot glasses have a broken frame tied to the bridge of the gentleman\'s nose.
\"I \'ve heard that pilot glasses are catching up again,\" he said to me unpolitely.
I think he wants my opinion.
\"They are, without a doubt,\" I said, \"but not the right ---
You have to buy new glasses.
\"That\'s what my wife said!
Said the gentleman.
\"Smart woman,\" I said.
Make sure your shoes are clean and shiny, whether you\'re a man or a woman, try walking on a hard floor and make sure they don\'t squeak or make a lot of noise.
This is uncomfortable for you and you don\'t need more pressure than a typical interview.
Decide what you wear during the interview, put your interview costume in a safe place in the closet where your child can\'t spill anything on it.
Get up early on the day of the interview and take a hot bath.
You will be smart and they will love you too.
I hope all the people you meet deserve your talent!
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