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where to shop in hong kong

by:QiMeng     2019-09-27
Even if you hate shopping, you can buy at least one gem in Hong Kong.
As consumption is deeply rooted in the culture and consumerism of the manufacturing center, the island is not considered a self-made shopping destination.
Keen will come in handy in avoiding travel traps, as any savvy Chinese shopper will tell you, compare prices in three different places before you hand over any cash.
Hollywood Road is lined with upscale art galleries and antique shops selling carved furniture, painted screens, carpets and Tibetan mandala from China.
At the time of purchase, a proof of authenticity is requested to ensure that you are purchasing a real transaction.
Cat Street market, just a few steps from Hollywood Road, with tongue everywhere. in-
Souvenir of cheek hair pie, gadget, knock
Jewelry and artifacts.
Hong Kong\'s market is a treasure trove for bottom hunters.
Jade Market in Yau Ma Di (
Kansu and Battery Street)
It is the best place to bargain for the amulet to ensure longevity and good luck. Daily 10 a. m. -3:30 p. m.
There are no fixed rules for bargaining, although the name of the game is a little different from other hot spots for bargaining in Hong Kong, such as mainland China and Bangkok.
If the price is clear and it is obviously very low (
For example, HK $4 T-100shirts)
Then the supplier will probably not give in.
Someone with a calculator in his hand may bargain.
Unlike mainland China, if you decide not to buy after showing interest, sellers are sometimes angry, and people in Hong Kong usually know that it is OK to ask the price instead of buying it.
So, first look for the same product in different stores and then see which one gives the best price.
If you don\'t like to bargain, but want to buy some Chinese specialties such as cheongsam, silk handbags and jade pendants, go to one of the many Yuehua Chinese product stores in town, where, usually, the time of sale, everything is clear.
Video: among the best markets in the city, one of the leading hotels is the women\'s clothing market in Tong Cai Street, Mong Kok, where there are always cheap clothes, shoes and gadgets for sale. You\'ll find T-
Shirts, jackets, jeans, and even underwear in Kowloon market-
There are also a lot of cheap suitcases to take your goods home.
Remember that you are not allowed to try on clothes in most places;
The size is much smaller than in Europe and the United States. S. ;
All the clothes are fake.
Product or quality as cheap as the price.
Jam shops near Kowloon-
Nathan Road (
Also known as \"Golden Mile \")
Beautiful scenery and cultural commemoration in the center of the harbor (
Very crowded museums and attractions). Daily 12:30-10:30 p. m.
Temple Street night market in Yau Ma Di (
Temple Street and Jordan Road)
When you eat snacks from many food suppliers, you can buy everything from cd to clothing, watches, etc.
This is one of the busiest night markets in Kowloon and the place to buy cheap clothes, open-
Food at air street stalls, live seafood vendors, watches, pirated CDs, fake labels, footwear, cookware and daily supplies.
The price in any market should be considered just a suggestion as it is definitely a place to bargain.
You will find wealth, too.
Tellers and grass pharmacists, occasionally open for free
Live Cantonese Opera near the end of the street, under the bridge.
The market opened at 4 p. m.
But most vendors set out around 6 in the evening. m.
Leave before midnight. Daily 4 p. m. -midnight.
The Stanley market is high.
While souvenirs, including Linens, notebooks, handbags and gadgets, abound, attention should be paid to original and printed artwork, Chinese trinkets and clothes.
Stanley is away from the hustle and bustle of shopping in Hong Kong-
Souvenir shop-seekers.
You will find the typical Chinese.
At the stall, which is only a few blocks from the water, the inspiration print bag and wallet in Chinese calligraphy and painting (
There are plenty of bars to have an afternoon beer during a shopping break).
Some stalls can be skipped, but you will find antiques to stick (
Or at least-done replicas)
Potential good deals for Chinese embroidery-
Remember to bargain.
In the morning to hit the flood of tourists, or later in the afternoon, before dinner. Daily 9 a. m. -6 p. m.
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