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Wholesale Clothing Companies Are the Best Places

by:QiMeng     2020-05-23
There have been many changes to the wholesale apparel business over the years. Imports, Walmart, the internet, etc. Business canvases change all the time, the old adage my Grandfather taught me, 'But low, sell High' still holds. What else hasn't changed? One thing that has not changed over the years is, to be profitable means you have to buy less of the slow sellers, and reorder more of the hot selling items. Sounds simple? Easy? Of course in practice it's different. Every Independent retailer searches for the hot item of the season, but buying your inventory 3 to 6 months in advance makes it hard to capitalize on this. How do you know what is going to sell 6 months from now? Do you have the money and the will to gamble on buying larger quantities of items you think will sell, with no real guarantee? There's a safer play to be made here. Wholesale clothing companies, or the good ones at least, will have the items of the season in stock. When you see an item start to sell, you can literally have it in your store in days. This allows you to reorder, and that's where you make money. You've probably noticed shopping online or shopping the larger chains, that there are a lot of long dresses on the racks. Yes, we used to call them 'long dresses'; now they're called Maxi dresses. Whatever the name, they are hot sellers. From bold prints to pastels, Maxi's are making a statement. Wholesale clothing companies are great resources to capitalize on an item like Maxi's. They are in-stock resources, so when you see an item like this selling, you can count on them to have inventory. Plus you'll have the ability to fill in sizes, colors, and even add a new version. Act quickly, act smart. If an item is selling for you, then chances are that it is selling all over. Stock can dry up quickly, so act fast. Sometimes you have to take a chance, and 'anticipate a reorder'. What does that mean? If you're a brick and mortar store you can watch the attention an item gets. After the first weekend, if the item has any sales or a lot of attention, you might consider reordering the item, albeit in a smaller quantity. Remember, reorders make up for a lot of mistakes and will focus your money on the items that will turn the fastest. Happy Hunting!
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