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why do some clothing items have a tag saying to wash the item before wearing?

by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
Before you wear new clothes for the first time, there are several reasons to wash them once.
One is to remove or reduce the chemical finish that the manufacturer puts on to make the dress look better, and the other is to rinse off the excess dye.
People who wear new pants will not be bothered, but some people with sensitive skin will have a rash.
The baby\'s clothes should be washed before they are worn, as the baby is particularly sensitive to chemicals.
The new clothes washed once will be softer and more comfortable to wear.
A common problem that many people face at this point is, \"Wouldn\'t it be better if garment manufacturers don\'t add any additional chemicals to new clothes?
\"One common reason for using chemicals is mold.
Clothes made of natural fibers, such as cotton and linen, are moldy if exposed to moisture.
Manufacturers use formaldehyde to process clothes that must be shipped from Asia to the United States to prevent mildew.
Formaldehyde has a very sharp smell, and sometimes new clothes with formaldehyde-
The base resin will emit a pungent smell before cleaning.
Formaldehyde is also the cause of allergic reactions in sensitive people.
If you are an allergic person, it is a good idea to wash it once before wearing new clothes.
You will not wash the finish thoroughly, but you will reduce the finish a little.
Another label that appears on the garment indicates that you \"have to wash separately before wearing it \".
\"Clothes with this label usually come with dark or bright dyes that may fall off on other clothes or even on your skin.
Washing these items once before you wear them will remove the excess dye.
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