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why does serena williams wear compression sleeves and tights at wimbledon?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
The American is often at the forefront of fashion on the tennis court, and many fans have noticed her dress at SW19 this year.
Especially her long sleeve and skin selection
The color tights that have been questioned, especially in the case of soaring temperatures in London this summer.
However, this is not from 36-year-
Old, there is a good reason for wear to fight the blood clot for many years, she left something on the \"dead bed\" in 2010, it happened recently after her first child was born.
\"I almost died after my daughter Olympia.
But I think I\'m lucky, \"she wrote in February.
\"It begins with pulmonary embolism, a condition in which one or more arteries in the lung are blocked by blood clots.
Because I have a medical history of this problem, I am afraid of this situation.
\"I had another operation and the doctor found a large hematoma in my abdomen, a swelling of the condensed blood.
Then I went back to the operating room and had an operation to prevent blood clots from entering my lungs.
\"Compression sleeves and tights prevent blood clots by improving blood flow, which is why Serena wears gear.
James Blanche of the Australian Institute of Sports told Mag coach: \"compression has traditionally been used to treat many circulatory diseases, including lymph edema [
Swelling, usually in the arms or legs]
Pulmonary embolism [
Blocked pulmonary arteries
Deep venous thrombosis.
\"Wimbledon is not the first time she put on her clothes at the French Open earlier this year to improve her condition.
\"Yes, that cat suit, I have a lot of problems with my blood clots, God, I don\'t know how much I have in the last 12 months, Serena said at Roland Garros.
So this is definitely a small feature of it.
In general, I often wear pants when I play so that I can keep my blood circulation.
\"It\'s a fun set, but it\'s also practical, so I can play without any problem.
However, not all sleeves are worn for these reasons, and there is a lot of motivation behind the other players wrapping their arms.
Maria Sharapova wore sleeves at the US Open 2017, while Milos Larnick initially wore a sleeve to protect the rash, but since he was well dressed, he has been
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