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why i wear all black, all the time

by:QiMeng     2019-09-07
In the words of Yamoto Yohji, \"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time.
Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious.
But most importantly, Blake said, \"I don\'t bother you ---
Don\'t bother me.
\"Three years ago, shortly after I moved to New York, a young gentleman stopped me on the platform of the Wall Street Train 5.
\"Miss,\" he said timidly.
\"Can you tell me where the nearest Gothic club is?
\"I looked up doubtfully from under my unruly blonde.
I hesitated before laughing. He was serious.
When I assured him that I was not Goth, he gave me and my patented Black Doctor Marten in confusion (Okay, I see. . . )the once-
End before retreat
I took the train and went to practice writing in a fashion magazine.
He stood there in confusion.
I can be found on any dayto-toe black.
It is sharp, chic and powerful.
The only color I have been wearing is red, on my lips (
MAC Lady Danger, to be exact).
In the bright color, I feel completely inappropriate, almost over;
It\'s like a light bulb that attracts every gnat in town.
On the other hand, black people allow a person to be completely anonymous, especially when living in one of the largest and outermost cities in the world.
Black is defined as \"No Light\" and it allows me to find the balance of pairing with my bright character and bleached white hair, like yin and yang.
My hobby of back color has given me all the nicknames over the years: Elvera, Wednesday, Morticia, Casper, Rosemary Karen, Sarah Sanderson (
Admittedly, my unusually fair skin doesn\'t help anything with my situation).
I was recruited to play a small role in True Blood and was called \"little Steve ·[Nicks]\" (
My muse, arguably the most flattering of the above).
But not like the ones who abandoned her.
For two years, in order to crack down on those rumors about witchcraft, I will not soon give up my monochrome uniform, no matter how many brooms I am accused of riding across the sky in Manhattan.
I\'m totally addicted to black people.
Some of its things are very delicious to me.
People of certain tastes will avoid the option of wearing my head --to-
The black look of the toe, frowning it is boring, unoriginal, lazy.
I said, for each of them.
I wouldn\'t have done anything else.
Style is about self.
Expression, right?
However, I don\'t always do that because I grew up in a family that was a little waspy.
But as Roman Catholics grew up, I was always fascinated by the black clothes worn by priests and nuns.
When I was a teenager, my study in Italy quickly replaced my Lacoste polo shirt, seersuker shorts and fine leather items with a black high collar shirt, a black cloak, and-
You guessed it right. -black.
As a foreigner, I tried to avoid my cover being blown off at once, so I quickly learned to dress up the character. It worked --
No one crossed me. (
Probably out of extreme fear, I will step on my last --
Wearing Prada shoes. Fair enough. )
It is at this time in my life that I fully realize the importance of a person\'s sense of dress;
How can it be louder than the language, or say nothing.
Somehow Blake allowed me to do both at once.
As an animation, optimistic, dry
Humorous people are quickly exhausted by excessive stimulation at the same time, I get energy from loneliness and enjoy loneliness very much.
I despise conflict
I avoid it, and I escape it if possible. I always have.
Normally, unless it\'s a family member or a very close friend, I\'ll have my personal phone via voicemail.
While I can express myself verbally, I prefer to express myself through writing, art, and clothing.
I spend most of my day in my mind: Thinking, meditating, creating, analyzing.
I am a completely introverted person.
I am eager to have meaningful conversations with the people closest to me.
It\'s not that I\'m not social;
It\'s just selective.
Although I have a lot more alliances than friends, I like people.
There are very few people I trust.
I am eager for the authenticity of the interaction, and I prefer to listen to others when I am outgoing.
I like playing cards thoughtfully.
For me, black is a subconscious way, in a way that keeps people away, keeps people hidden to some extent, keeps secrets and protects the unknown. Call me old-
But I believe that no matter in terms of self, there is nothing more sexy than keeping the mysterious atmosphere
Disclosure and dress. Never tell all; never show all.
It makes people guess.
Black has become my armor as no one interrupts a woman for directions or small talk (
Other than the Wall Street platform guy)
It seems more likely than discussing lightning predictions to cast spells with her black umbrella.
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