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why is visual marketing so important?

by:QiMeng     2019-10-11
Visual marketing is to use images, colors, videos, logos, and symbols to make potential customers attractive to your products and/or services.
Research from 3m shows that we handle visual effects 60,000 times faster than text.
Therefore, using visual marketing will communicate your message to potential customers faster and more effectively than using plain text.
You can see visual marketing. T-
Shirts, billboards, delivery trucks, buildings, etc.
These are examples of visual marketing.
But the internet has opened up a whole new world of visual marketing, and we need to be aware of the importance of taking advantage of everything it offers.
Reading the facts below will help you to conclude that visual marketing is a necessary part of your marketing campaign. 1.
Emotions-we buy based on our emotions and visual effects.
Think about the pictures of the American flag.
What mood does this bring?
How about a picture of a soldier carrying his child home from the battlefield?
This actual Image produces more emotion than when we read the text describing it.
Marketers know this and use it to take advantage of it. 2.
Visitors watching product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who don\'t watch product videos. (
Internet retailer)3.
Blog posts with visual effects can attract 3 times more traffic than plain text posts. (SEOmoz)4.
Having a visual effect on your website can add 200% of your unique visitors per month-300%. (Attivio)5.
Brand-are you more likely to notice the logo of the golden arch or Macdonald?
I know it will be visual for me and many others, not text.
Visual Brand is an important aspect of visual marketing.
What do you think when you see an apple bite?
How about a red and yellow shell or a curved checkmark?
One thing that comes to mind with these images is that it works! 6.
Pinterest is a picture-based social networking site.
With this in mind, Pinterest buyers spend more money, more time and more goods than other top 5 social media sites, according to comScore.
The study also showed that Pinterest beat Facebook and Twitter in terms of revenue per click. 7.
The number of views of image articles is 94% times more than that of pure text. 8.
Social media-using photos and images on your social networking site will greatly increase your interest in your posts and replies. 9.
By using images on your site, your conversion rate may more than double. 10.
In fact, visual marketing will give you more traffic, increase your conversion rate and make your business more successful.
* Note: Please make sure you use the image legally.
You can\'t just copy and use any images you find on the site.
Always check the license terms and usage details.
Some terms only allow
Commercial use and other such restrictions.
\"A painting is worth thousands of words.
\"I don\'t know if the person who said this refers to marketing, but in the field of marketing, the accuracy of this sentence is 100%.
So if you haven\'t used visual marketing yet, start now and \"see\" the difference it can make for your business and success in person!
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