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why ralph lauren\'s luxe new collection denim is a sure thing

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
He did it again. Ralph Lauren (RL)
Seized a chance for other retailers to eat the dust on his work clothes.
The iconic designer has launched a luxury denim collection-the Ralph Lauren Collection of cowboys, pushing casual staples to new heights ---
We are not talking about 14 inch growth.
That\'s why Lauren is successful in other places (
Look at your gap)have failed.
The undisputed king of the lifestyle series that won the Comput Lauren.
From luxurious linens to ornate ponies, the brand Polo evokes American romance-
With exquisite edges.
Lauren\'s series of Cowboys will be in an absolute premium (
Goods with prices above $300)assortment.
Lauren\'s figure is real, and whether she likes tight jeans or tight jeans, dresses or custom trenches, she\'s wearing high-end selvedge.
There is no chance of any aspect in the collection of denim clothing, and it will also include cashmere high-collar shirts and wool-cut jackets.
Especially when Gap (GPS)
High quality denim series.
His lines prove how Lauren captured the master of customers and cross-trades
Sell the whole look
Popular news Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris\'s very pleasant details, and Lauren perfected the art of detail.
Therefore, the Collection Denim will show the unique fabric finish that is perfectly placed (functional)
Buttons, even a bit (tastefully)applied bling.
Other high-end denim brands (
For the sake of all mankind
Have dabbled in crystal inlaid pockets and similar fashion outfits.
In the case of 7, the popularity of its jeans as a choice of various celebrities led to its trickle
Down to the average fashionista who likes advanced blues, thus diluting what it used to be-exclusive aura.
The price of 7\'s is still higher than that of regular jeans, but chain stores such as Macy\'s are easy to buy (M).
Lauren\'s new collection will only be available under the polo flag.
From July, Collection Denim will be featured in a special section of the brand\'s boutique.
There is no doubt that the sales environment will maintain Lauren\'s strict aesthetics, which will make the devotees feel his dream when they dress.
After all, this is a person who has easily designed a restaurant with enough premium atmosphere to successfully taste American burgers in the middle of a Paris gourmet paradise.
The company\'s second-quarter net income exceeded 16%, and the company\'s share price rose 8%.
By this time next year, collecting Cowboys may help push these numbers higher. Image via polo.
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